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  • Tubeguy

    Hi @Ying,
    This is a great car, very detailed. But I'm trying to fix the Name of the vehicle by editing the global.gxt2, I changed the brand name to "LAMBORGHINI" and its working fine because I also installed your Urus mod which includes the global.gxt2 with the Lamborghini Hex.

    The Problem is the car name. I converted the "18PERFORMANTE" from <gameName>18PERFORMANTE</gameName> to hex which is "0x31D79B6D" and put "0x31D79B6D = Huracan Performante" and save it, but the trainer I am using (ENT) still shows "Lamborghini NULL", and the game shows "Lamborghini " only? can you fix this?

    Also can you make an optional "dlc.rpf" file with the Old wheels from 1.1?

    Thank you.

    24. oktober 2020
  • Tubeguy

    this mod is so cool

    15. april 2020