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    @danistheman262 Still no luck with getting the settings to save, have tried uninstalling other mods to see if they are clashing with RobFleeca but still the same result. Everything in the scripts folder is named exactly how it should be too, so really not sure.

    20. februar 2020
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    @danistheman262 yeah the file name hasnt been changed at all and both files are in my scripts folder. I'll continue to see what might be causing this, could just be a simple issue on my end. Will let you know if i find anything.

    20. februar 2020
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    @danistheman262 Yeah saved the .ini file and reloaded scripts a few times, even tried re downloading the mod and going from there but still the same result. On previous versions of the mod the settings did save but on the latest versions it dosnt seem to be saving, for me atleast.

    20. februar 2020
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    @danistheman262 hi great mod, have a few problems though. In my settings config I have my wanted level set to 2 stars and drillenabled to false. However I get 4 star wanted level and drill spawns still spawn.
    SHOWBLIPS = True

    Im guessing this might be a bug?

    19. februar 2020