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  • 74a868 jake

    I saw the screenshot and the name and figured somebody added a pipboy to GTAV, cute but not worthwhile. This is really impressive though, thanks for the hard work.

    30. december 2015
  • 74a868 jake

    @AgamemnonTWC @Z3niT

    I haven't been active on this site for a couple of months so maybe everyone knows something that I don't. But it seems like everyone seems to be assuming that the uploader made this from scratch---or at least praising them like they did. I think it looks identical to one made by a Russian user named Olegator for GTAIV: (who based it off pav3's XJ in GTA:SA)
    I mean are we just assuming that all/most cars uploaded are conversions of earlier work? Even if so, I think it would be right to at least acknowledge the people that did 90% of the work. I'm sure it took time to get this converted into GTAV, which is laudable and appreciated.... but:
    "Holy cow, you modeled the entire undercarriage in great detail. Good job man! You can even clearly tell that the front axle is a Dana 30 and the rear is a Dana 35. Wow!"
    or ones like:
    "... I would appreciate if you can do some more suvs and maybe some pickups like the Gmc Yukon Denali 2006 model, Ford Expedition early 2000's"
    Maybe paste that praise over to the link above I included?
    and then search for those SUVs so the uploader can convert them?

    I don't think there are that many 84 XJs (or '84-'92 even) in China for someone to be this familiar with---or to even have that many XJ fans in China. This even has the red valve cover and everything, it's too similar not to be the same. I admit I haven't opened up the models in viewers yet but once I saw that red valve cover (which isn't stock) and uploader said "convert: r1-5-qwert" it was apparent. I mean at least its not like their doing intentionally, but still, somebody needs to mention the actual modders on the page.

    /end rant
    Maybe it's just me that's bothered by it. Maybe it's not a big deal to not have the words: "Original mod by: Olegator and pav3" since so many GTAV cars are conversions?

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    30. december 2015
  • 74a868 jake

    it's easy as paypal to link to your bank account to convert to cash; plus zero fees to send/receive

    24. august 2015
  • 74a868 jake

    nice, always a fun one to import into GTA.
    love to donate but I don't like paypal, reply to me with a bitcoin address and i'll donate a dollar

    24. august 2015
  • 74a868 jake

    initial D much?
    use enbmod for screenshots though, it will also add roof and door deformation to your game so when you roll your Levin trying to drift at 160mph, the roof actually gets smashed in ;) and to screenshot with enb installed its either printscreen or shift+printscreen and it will output to your install dir, no extra programs and whatnot needed.
    Nice mod tho, it's about time we get a decent Levin conversion. thanks

    14. august 2015
  • 74a868 jake

    @eshenk guessing you havent played many RPGs lol

    27. juli 2015
  • 74a868 jake

    works great actually, my earlier comment said it wasn't working right but I've since reinstalled scripthook and GTA and eliminated some junk files/mods and it now its working great for me. Alot of great features with this trainer, it'll keep you busy for a while for sure.

    24. juli 2015
  • 74a868 jake

    broke game, tried removing all other asi's but didn't help. reinstalled game and added nothing but latest scripthook and openiv.asi but still game crashes on load. Tried downgrading scripthook but that just seems to break it based on scripthook.log showing nothing. Reinstalling game again and sticking with old scripthook.

    23. juli 2015
  • 74a868 jake

    Seems to work great for some and not for others. I cant get it to run since I resintalled, I'm on v 350.2, does it need to be most recent version or what? asiloader/scripthook logs just tell me it failed to load.

    21. juli 2015
  • 74a868 jake

    "edit... pc_trainer.ini to define your own keyboard bind..."
    okay but I dont see anything regarding controls like menu_open, select, etc. what are the strings for the commands?
    looks promising, more like a beta than a final version tho. maybe an update or new vers by jedijosh and it'll be real good.

    21. juli 2015