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  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @Alex106 Ok.
    Maybe it's because of this, which i'm feeling some bugs in the Yacht on the SinglePlayer.
    Sometimes the interior lighting loses their reflects, and i believe being because of the framedrops, just like you said.
    I'm going to test the latest version again to se that better.

    6. marts 2019
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @Alex106 The mod's won a setup file which enables, and disables the components across the map, but there's a fail. Some components are not working any more, just like the Super Yacht components for example.
    Even leaving all components enabled, it still didn't work.
    So, while this bug don't being fixed, i rather keep at the previous version from the mod.

    5. marts 2019
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @nkjellman When you going to update this mod to give support to the nightclub stuff, just like: Terrorbyte's Nervous Center, NightClub, NightClub's Garage?
    I don't care about arena war DLC!
    I just want NightClub stuff, just like i said above.

    15. februar 2019
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @GTA Belgium Congratulations for your big done, my friend!
    I still nor tested the map because i'm downloading it right now. But i've watched some video showing, and i'm sure i gonna like it.
    You created the dubai map, thats amazing too, but it's too close the original map, and i don't use it because of my yacht.
    But your new map looks being some miles away from the original map.
    So i gonna test it, but congratulations, buddy!
    I know you do your mods perfectly, and i hope this mod doesn't crash my game, just like the dubai mod doesn't cashes.

    13. februar 2019
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @GTA Belgium Glad for this new update from your mod, buddy
    I only think this map is too close the game's original map. So close, that my yacht from the GTA Online that i use in SinglePlayer Mode, because of it's location, it's undermeath the map's airport.
    The location from your map is affecting the use of my yacht, and i like it's location because it stays turned to the sea.
    If i could put it ther on the ocean, but i can't.
    The Rockstar is made the prefabs of the yacht's interiors around the map already. and put my yacht on the ocean is impossible, because there's no prefabs built over there.
    So buddy, if the use of this new version from your map, is now requiring the use of the NoBoundaryLimits mod, i believe if you change the location from your map to some mile away from Los Santos, i think the traffic path is gonna work normally.
    I know if you messing in the location of the map, it means you gonna have to messing in the traffic path, and maybe, in the satélite minimap, the what is gonna be hard of course.
    But your map is too close the game's original map, it's affecting the location of my yacht that's undermeath the airport's take off track. And by the way! I'm sorry about my delay in give my answer to you about that yacht that i've promissed to you, to put on your map!
    The ymap is ready, buddy, with all collisions, and if you still being interested in my help to leave your map more beautiful, i can send it to you.
    The yacht's location is close the Bahrain Building.
    If you still being interested at my mod, just leave your email address over here, and i'll send it to you.

    24. januar 2019
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @MAFINS When you will release an update with all nightclub options to chose, just like: Nightclub's lighting, DJ, Interior Style, and Nightclub name?
    Someone created a mod to make the nightclub work on SinglePlayer, but it's buggy. I've reported him already, but he doesn't answer to me.
    So, i hope the nightclub teleporting options can stay out of the alpha soon, and we can enjoy everything on the game.

    13. januar 2019
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    Hey @MAFINS, this mod is very nice!
    Fully complete.
    So, I would like to know why in weather menu, the mod doesn't have the xmas as an weather option.
    So many mod menus have the xmas as an option, but Menyoo not.
    Menyoo have snow, blizzard, but buggy, because, until inside of a interior, the snow gets inside.
    I would like to see the Xmas as an weather option inside menyoo.

    26. december 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @MAFINS Ok, i got it.
    Thanks man!

    21. december 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @MAFINS I use Menyoo so many time in the game, but it was some days ago that i discovered something interesting in the mod.
    The first option above at the top of the menu "Player" is refering to GTA Online's player.
    This resource allows the player until to watch to another players which being at the session, including a lot of other resources, just like: RP Upgrade, Money Function, and anymore.
    I tryed to use menyoo on GTA Online, but no sucessfull.
    So, dear MAFINS!
    I would like to know from you: This resource actually works in GTA Online?
    To begin, i know that the menyoo only works in the game with ScriptHookV, just like every mod menus over here.
    So, and about the GTA Online's resource!
    How can we use this function?
    We only need upgrade our character from Singleplayer, and menyoo upgrades our character automaticaly?
    If it doesn't works just like that, tell so how can i do to make it works on GTA Online!
    Is that a premium service where we need pay to use it?

    21. december 2018
  • 7b43a5 20180429094419 1

    @theNGclan Oh, my friend, I'm so glad to hear that!
    That would be a good idea, bring all girlfriends of Niko to GTA V.
    I forgot to ask you...
    What happened with Niko and Luis voices mod?
    I don't see them over here anymore.
    I still have the voices of the two players, but who don't have them, can't to download anymore.
    Thanks buddy!
    I'm very very glad about your iniciative to bring more characters in the future!
    God almighty keeps to blessing you and your job my friend!

    20. december 2018