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    @binding89 Thank you, I got it to work.. I am now trying to make it fly exactly as the DRL Simulator. I have been going back and forth between DRL and GTA testing settings trying to get it dialed in.

    I am a little confused with the MASS, and MAX rel. Load. I wish there was some way of matching the speed as well. That would be awesome.
    Incredible mod btw! One of the best things I've ever downloaded.

    1. december 2017
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    I cannot seem to get my Taranis X9D to actually function. The controls stay as the mouse and keyboard when I'm in quad mode. It looks incredible, and I can't wait to use it effectively. The Taranis is fully functional in the x360ce app, but it just won't let me fly! Any ideas? Do I need to do anything different with my X9D?

    29. november 2017