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    @FTC We already have one (and have had one for a while) that will be the official one when 1.0.0 releases (current goal for release is end of February/beginning of March, but that may change depending on IRL events). Address is

    29. januar 2017
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    My update scheduled for tomorrow (June 23rd) may have to be delayed a couple weeks, because the update is a full rewrite and I am not even halfway done with it, due to IRL stuff going on. Don't complain unless you want to pay me to quit my job and work on this full time...

    22. juni 2016
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    @stingwraith Use mono, not wine.

    17. juni 2016
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    Could you all take the conversations about MultiFive over to the MultiFive forums? I'd prefer to save this space for those who have questions about my mod.

    16. juni 2016
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    @stingwraith Heh, spent hours trying to get it to work on mono w/o crashing... really all i had to do was rebuild with some build flag defined

    6. juni 2016
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    @Think_Tank It really depends on the situation of it. If they want to, I'll let them work on my version of it (really, anyone can work on it, I already have a couple people who want to help). The mod currently does not have a voice chat, but it may sometime within the next few updates (read: within the next few months)

    29. maj 2016
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    @Think_Tank Alternatively, I could just not. Many people are aware of the project already, and I'm going to continue mine as a hobby after multifive is released. K? K.

    29. maj 2016
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    @tupac2403 This version, yes. Next version, no.

    @Yunie On the current version it is (with a few bugs fixed). The next version is where I'm going to start adding features.

    @Davitox87 Right now, the freeroam gamemode is the only gamemode I know of that is still working.

    28. maj 2016
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    @DeividasLTU June 23rd.

    27. maj 2016
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    @MikePhilips Thing is I have no way to check if there are mods loaded on the client other than that, but I may be able to have a loop going to reset godmode. Not sure how practical it would be though.

    26. maj 2016