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  • Michael

    @GG984 its not an issue with this mod the mod works fine its an issue i had with deleting the front main door

    30. juni 2021
  • Michael

    So i may have messed up lol. So i was rebuilding the oneil ranch house and i wanted to replace the front door..... well deleted it and now when i put a door up if the door is one way you see through it and get texture loss on the outside or if its the other way you get texture loss on the inside until i jump on a table or something. Im using map editor. Is there anything i can do or is it a loss?

    23. juni 2021
  • Michael

    So i converted it to ymap and installed the textures, but i was still missing a texture to delete and have no idea where it is. When i go to the house i can see everything outside but once i go inside everything glitches out dissapeares and reappears and some of the old stuff is still there like the kitchen table ect. Any ideas? @whats a username

    20. juni 2021