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    How to install, instructions below also someone made a vid:

    This exact version of Script Hook used in the video worked for me on a blank install
    This link takes you to this sketchy looking site
    But that is in fact the one you want, it's just barebones af. Go ahead and hit download.

    Basically here's a tldr guide to installation:

    1. acquire Script Hook V from link above

    2. open your GTA V file location (can be done by going into steam libraries, hovering mouse over GTA listed on left and going properties>installed files>browse and it should open file location area for you)

    3. in the Script Hook V zip folder go to ->bin and you'll see three files, there is dinput8.dll, NativeTrainer.asi, and ScriptHookV.dll. You want to drag and drop the ScriptHookV.dll file and dinput8.dll files directly into the GTA V file location (the place where the game's files were first opened by steam using the above directions, it should look messy and have mixed files and folders and have the GTA5.exe file sitting around in there)

    4. You can also add the NativeTrainer.asi file, but that isn't apart of the actual program and is a complementary mod that comes with install if you choose to use it. It's basically like you can press F4 and have a minecraft creative mode menu to spawn vehicles or whatever. I added this when I installed it cause I was in a rush and the HL mod worked for me in the end, I haven't tried it without this mod, but I don't think you have to have this for it to work.

    5. Almost done! Just open the ZHalfLife GTA V mod zip folder, and then drag and drop all of it's files (every one) into that same GTA V file location from before.

    Sidenote that newbies don't have to worry about: I have open IV installed but all of the asi tools are disabled in the open IV menu tab, I don't know if that makes a difference but it seems only Script Hook V is needed and it comes with it's own asi loader (dinput8.dll) so I minimized open IV's involvement (I have open IV cause I've been shitting around for hours trying to get the mod to work lol) maybe if you use a different asi loader, don't add the dinput8.dll file from the Script Hook V files because that.

    Hopefully this works for everyone! Humbly written at 3am before a work day because I'm stubborn and f*** not having directions for mods man that s*** sucks lol

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    11. oktober 2023