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    @boyxinh1515 the button for flying is L control and space. If that doesn't work check that you have L-control set as the stealth or crouch button/duck button. What do you mean by spinning? I make the character face direction of camera so that it doesn't look like the car is just flying there on its own.

    6 hours ago
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    @azzrix I think you need to update scripthookdotnet. The aborted function is in newer version of scripthookdotnet.

    14 hours ago
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    What you're doing is witch craft!

    en dag siden
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    @gxfire ok if you don't have anything turned on in the mod other than itself, then I think it has to do with the number of vehicles around you. Just to check, go to an area devoid of vehicles such as the airport and turn on the mod. if it doesn't have any fps loss then its as I suspected. In the .ini file there is "MAXVEHICLESELECTION" option, lower it to see if it helps.

    I might also need add an option to change the radius at which it collects vehicles. I also remembered that I made a small script a long time ago that controls density of traffic, mine is a lot smaller than the vanilla version, which will greatly affect fps. I will add an option for that as well. It might take me a while to add, because I started implementing an AI system, which is unfinished as of right now, and next couple of weeks I will be busy with school.

    en dag siden
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    @gxfire What seems to be dropping it from 60 to 50? Is it just having the mod turned on or is there something specific that hits your fps?

    3 dage siden
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    @HNajde Nvm I don't need the log. I managed to get the error after I refreshed the script many times. i'm not really sure what causes it, but I will add an option to disable it in the future.

    5 dage siden
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    @raining bananas The mod @Avve99 had conflict with is called "the stealth" mod by the_XXI. Your conflict might be similar, most likely something that edits how AI/Peds behave. I don't really know how to fix that part, since it changes game's core behavior.

    5 dage siden
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    make sure these are in the right place:

    scripthook in game folder,(where gtav.exe is located).
    scripthookdotnet in game folder

    scripts folder in game folder

    nativeui.dll in scripts folder.
    psychokinetic.dll in scripts folder.
    psychokinetic.ini in scripts folder.

    if it doesn't work check scripthookdotnet.log in the game folder. Then write down what it says here.

    6 dage siden
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    @HNajde Could you write down scripthookdotnet2 log error.

    7 dage siden
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    @Rezei you create the scripts folder.

    8 dage siden