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    @johnnybebdad10 i just tested it out my self and got it to work in my fivem server if the owner is ok with it I can show you what I did

    21. december 2023
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    @LadyXenovia thank you for helping me out but I've actually learned how to edit ymts n create my own as well so all the errors I had here are fixed for me

    5. juni 2023
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    @vedereofficial hey I actually figured out the actual problem with some items not showing up. alot of the lowrs people have made are meant to show skin which is coded with r on the ydd and whi on the texture/diff ytd file and the mod isn't set up with slots for them. you can how every go in and change which slots need to be changed yourself (it's quite easy)
    the same for Heels in feet there are no slots available to allow the heels to show up properly. if its okay with the OP i don't mind helping out

    7. december 2022
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    @iammistahwolf I've been reading through these comments and I am experiencing the same problems with the lowers after 003 not showing up but if I go backwards they have only the flesh tone textures on it. also, none of the male lowers are showing up at all, and heels are all squished and Idk why they are squashed up like that.

    12. maj 2021