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    @llLyn I figured it out. This mod and the requirement GTALUA are both depreciated, have not been updated since 2015, anre are highly unstable and cause crashes with current versions of the game. Both should be completely avoided for stability. The popular newer trainer (ENT) Enhanced Native Trainer has a seatbelt mod built in, and by using this we do not have to use old GTALUA anymore. This is infinitely more stable. That's why I down rated this mod to half star because it's old and unusable today. Besides that the ENT seatbelt is automatic and applies automatically every time the game is started. This mod here we have to manually activate with F9 every time we start the game which is clumsy and annoying in comparison.

    28. juli 2018
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    Okay, this is going to be a walkthrough to replace the in-game Coquette with this model here. I've figured it out and it works, but the poster that posted this mod did not make it easy so it's a lot to follow. I'll try to write it in a way folks can understand, but you're going to have to do a bit of work here.

    First, download this file, then extract it to a folder somewhere.

    Once that's done you should end up with a "update" sub-folder, follow it down the tree (update -> x64 -> dlcpacks -> c7) and then you should end up with a "dlc.rpf" file. Once you get here then you need to open up OpenIV and go to File menu -> Open archive... and browse to where c7.rpf is that you extracted, and open it in OpenIV.

    Once you get there, you will see that the dlc.rpf has a lot of nested folders under it.

    Inside of dlc.rpf you need to go to:
    dlc.rpf -> x64 -> vehicles.rpf
    Inside of this, there should be 3 files, "c7.yft", "c7_hi.yft", and "c7.ytd".

    You need to extract these to a folder on your hard drive. Then rename them like this:
    c7.yft -> coquette.yft
    c7_hi.yft -> coquette_hi.yft
    c7.ytd -> coquette.ytd

    Once you have these files, then you need to go to the main GTAV game files and browse to this location:
    Grand Theft Auto V -> x64e.rpf -> levels -> gta5 -> vehicles.rpf
    Inside of here should be the original coquette.yft, coquette_hi.yft, and coquette.ytd. Just drag-drop in and replace the originals.

    Then for the mods.

    Inside of the dlc.rpf from this download, you should browse to:
    dlc.rpf -> x64 -> vehiclemods
    In this folder you should find the file "c7_mods.rpf". Just extract this to your hard drive, and rename it to "coquette_mods.rpf"
    Then in the core GTAV files browse to:
    Grand Theft Auto V -> x64i.rpf -> levels -> gta5 -> vehiclemods
    In here, drag in and replace the original coquette_mods.rpf with the one you just renamed.

    That should be it, good to go. File is beautiful and I love it.

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    28. juli 2018
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    Can anyone edit this thing to allow the seatbelt part without the stupid crash damage bullschitt? I just need a working seatbelt mod working on Scripthook, nothing else.

    20. april 2017
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    @Shinozuka911 Go find the configuration file for this mod (something .cfg) and fix it, it has remarks in there on how to change it.

    21. april 2016
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    No I exclusively use only windows 7 on all of my computers. Works flawlessly here.

    20. april 2016
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    For some of us wanting to figure out how to add this mod to our game, it would be rather nice if at least the instructions were in english............. :(

    18. april 2016
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    @Siraaj117 I Was -really- hoping to not load a trainer, and have as few mods as possible. It's a pain updating stuff in GTA-V already with just 4 of em. And I'm really not big at all on cheating or cheater mods. I'm just looking to fix some of the flaws in the game and make it more usable more than anything. Like expanding the default garage with this (Awesome) mod and making it more usable for car storage (store anywhere, hop in to them any time without loading), etc.

    17. april 2016
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    I only have one request. It seems that the cars we store preserve their damaged state... but since we're essentially replacing our in-game garage with your mod, it would make more sense to have your mod auto-repair cars when we leave the area and come back later.

    I know this may seem like cheating to some but I think it should be added.

    17. april 2016
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    I just tried this tonight just now and.. I LOVE IT! I love it I love it, it's so awesome, thank you.

    I only have one question. If there is a limit for this mod, as to how many cars we can load, what is the limit? And is the limit per character, or save-wide across all 3 characters?

    17. april 2016
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    @xXALPHAXx You can't load mods on consoles, it's not possible. PC Only.

    14. april 2016