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    @itsmehoneyd It's at the end of franklins street in the backyard of the house.

    [Dealer Location]

    15. juni 2019
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    Holy cow guys I have found something that is close to this, I was so happy when I found this I hope you guys are too.

    15. juni 2019
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    " @K0Stek Can u make it so once we reach a certain level or sell so many drugs that we can by drug houses and sometimes the drug houses that u own can get robbed, Say if one of the drug houses u own gets robbed or is getting robbed it will show up on your map in red at the location of the house, Also the drug house can be raided by the police and you loose money and the income of the drug house start over at a slow pass until it picks back up...But we have the pay a lump some of money to re-open the drug house if not we can loose it and have start over again by re buying the drug house for more money... And i also like tobu24 idea that he left in the comments..." This is a great idea you should do this, it would make the mod so much more fun and realistic and @tobu24 is right too, there needs to be more realistic drug and gang mods.

    14. juni 2019