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  • Gtao60
  • Gtao60

    It's not perfect, but at least it's another Rune. We need more from that company.

    7. februar 2019
  • Gtao60

    You really should give it a try at least. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be approved if nobody else wants to do it. For all the nice cars they put together, getting over petty squabbles is the VW crew's major weakness IMHO. Even now they still occasionally shit on a friend of mine I know from outside of the GTA fandom since when he was on their Discord server he caused a boatload of drama, despite the fact he's been gone since last Summer.

    And for a rush job, this Issi has no right to be this fresh. GOM or whatever the hell you want to call him might redeem himself one day, but the fact is his balls are yet to drop. He does not have the skill or finesse that someone older and more mature would have when it comes to modeling. And all the positive ratings he's seeing as of late is only reinforcing his behavior. His best work was the drag Nightshade, and that was a 3-star effort at best.

    17. januar 2019
  • Gtao60

    Looks like a model from Sims 2, and not in a good way. Low poly, no interior, little in the way of shading, presumably no real damage, car floats on the ground and presumably no LODs either. Needs more development.

    11. januar 2019
  • Gtao60

    Novel idea, can't recall any 80s/90s econobox where the rear bumper extended into the fender though...

    Props for the lore-friendly steelies though, do they spawn as an extra for the car or do they have to be put on?

    3. januar 2019
  • Gtao60

    This is a real mixed bag to me.

    On the one hand, yes, these are the very first cars made for GTA V. They are historic landmarks that begun the present era of V modding, with VanillaWorks and all that other good stuff.

    But on the other hand, these really should have been polished once .yft editing became a possibility. The Veyron will always be a car in high demand for driving games, and had the author of this car updated them with reflections, tuning parts etc., he would've had thousands more downloads than he does right now.

    26. december 2018
  • Gtao60

    Great work once again, even if it's a little rushed. Will re-rate once this thing gets updated.

    24. december 2018
  • Gtao60

    Amazing liveries! Anyone take a photo of it in the Subaru spoof livery next to the Sultan RS?

    19. december 2018
  • Gtao60

    Haha, and I was just saying the other day about the Ellie being R*'s GT500 to our Dominator Classic, now it's basically canon.

    16. december 2018
  • Gtao60

    Looks great, this latest update really has some gems in it.
    @b6master Just use Imgur lmao

    16. december 2018