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  • 985199 dessin

    I've been trying to get the " attaching " system to work for a while (sorry for the lack of news 😅), I've got something that works for position, but there's a mathematical part I can't figure out for rotations.
    I've temporarily added a menu that lets you adjust position and rotation manually after attaching the entities together. I don't plan to publish the plugin as is, but if you're interested in testing the current version, contact me on Discord : @ssstuart
    Have a nice day!

    21. april 2024
  • 985199 dessin

    You can check that the plugin is loaded by typing (in the console (F4)) "ListPlugins". If the plugin is not loaded, type "LoadPlugin MoreFire.dll".

    28. december 2023
  • 985199 dessin

    @a012345 Hello 👋,
    You must place the .dll file in the "plugins" folder located in the game folder.
    You should have something like this : Grand Theft Auto V/plugins/DeleteThatEntity.dll

    23. december 2023
  • 985199 dessin

    @gtavjamal Hello,
    no, it's not possible to do this with this mod, as buildings are not considered entities.

    14. december 2023
  • 985199 dessin

    Hi, that's an interesting idea, I'll see what I can do ;)
    *(when RAGEPluginHook is updated again)*

    12. december 2023
  • 985199 dessin

    @House Rushton
    Hello, I've updated the description for clarification:
    "Deletion is only temporary (e.g. to quickly remove a vehicle that is blocking the way); if you move too far away, reload the game, or edit a sequence in the Rockstar Editor, the changes will not be saved. "

    -> Deleted entities will still appear in the Editor.

    10. december 2023
  • 985199 dessin

    Hello 👋, as long as the object added by the YMAP is considered by the game as an entity, it should work ( ❕ deletion won't be saved if you reload the game/go too far away though).

    10. december 2023