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    @ksuam The replace version seems to be working for other people, so this one should too. Be sure that you use the Gameconfig recommended in description and that your game can handle more mods. By your comments on other mods I could see that you have problems with most of them usually.

    8 hours ago
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    1.- The comment from "SkyRayzor" that you've mentioned is not the one that had the rating. The one with rating was deleted hours ago for not providing constructive feedback, and he did the same after being warned. That's what got him a ban.
    2.- I've already told the author of the mod to avoid using such language, but it seems that you're not able to see the entire comment.
    3.- This topic does not involve you, so you should not get involved. Your comment is unnecessary. Avoid doing that again if you're not mentioned, because this is already an Off-Topic discussion not related to the mod.

    The discussion ends here. If someone posts another comment related to this, will be deleted.

    8 hours ago
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    @Unsearchably There's something called RULES that should be read before commenting. I just apply them, that's why I'm a Moderator basically. He wasn't following them, even after being warned, so he's now banned.

    9 hours ago
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    @SkyRayzor You were not providing any kind of constructive feedback or information about your problem in your rated comment! This is not allowed and it's mentioned on the Community Rules of
    It clearly says: "Don't give ratings without providing reasonable grounds or the relevant criticism".

    Also, defending yourself from an offensive comment doesn't mean that you have to put a bad rating to the mod. That's a childish behaviour.

    And thanks for rating again after being warned, you're now banned.

    18 hours ago
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    @SkyRayzor "you wanna be rude for no reason i'll give it one star then until you grow up an learn how to talk to people" Cool, then I'll make sure to ban you if you do that again. READ THE SITE RULES.
    @ImNotMentaL "make sure you have a brain and it's working" Think before saying things like that in the future, because this is a bad way to start a conversation and is not respectful with the site rules.

    en dag siden
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    @ARDIGI Send a private message (PM) via Forums.

    2 dage siden
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    1.- This is a global site, not only English. We can talk with whatever languange we want if we follow the rules, which I doubt you've read.
    2.- I haven't lost Quant, basically because I'm not the owner of the site. Also no one forced him to leave, it was his own decision. The only ones that will be affected by his decision are himself and his QuantV mod users.
    3.- This shouldn't be talked here, so if you want to continue talking do it via PM in Forums. Future comments about this will be removed if they're posted in this comments section.

    5 dage siden
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    @Just_Riko Ya se controlan, pero que a ti no te guste este mod por X motivos no te da ningún derecho a decirle a su autor "pointless, useless, no sense." para causar una discusión con INSULTOS innecesaria. Si realmente fuese una mierda que nadie quiere, no estaría publicado. Cada día se rechazan varias subidas que no llegan ni al mínimo de esfuerzo.

    A Quant lo he mencionado en alusión a que da la casualidad que las 2 últimas personas con las que he tenido que moderar sois 2 españoles, nada más. Darle importancia a esto es absurdo.
    Por último, a mi no me da placer banear a nadie, solo lo hago cuando no se respetan las normas de la comunidad, como todo el Staff de 5Mods. Las normas son para todos.

    8 dage siden
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    @Just_Riko Te convendría dejar de soltar comentarios como "pointless, useless, no sense." para evitar que discusiones absurdas como la de hoy aquí vuelvan a suceder. Los Moderadores lo han visto en los comentarios reportados y quedas advertido de que a la próxima serás baneado si algo así se vuelve a producir por tu parte... Yo intento ser bueno tanto contigo como con Quant, bueno con todo el mundo en general, pero a veces no me lo ponéis fácil.

    @SkyRayzor Avoid replying to such hate comments, just report them and we'll take care of. Replying to them and doing it the same way you did today will get you banned the next time.

    Is not that hard to follow the site rules and have a nice community guys.

    8 dage siden
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    @Ilikeeditingpolice01 Yeah Los Santos Fire Department, it was a mistake just that I didn't delete my rating comment. Anyway thanks for the correction.

    8. april 2018