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    Request: Add an option to disable during missions. Otherwise, from what I've seen so far, great mod!

    10. september 2022
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    Yes, I have that same problem. Once in a while, the sky will look glitchy. It's not constant, but it is frequent. Other than that, I see no issues with this mod.

    8. september 2022
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    Update: It may not be Chaos mod after all that's causing it. Not sure what else could be causing it though, as I've removed all my other mods one by one and still nothing. The only thing that helps it progress is removing dinput8.dll completely.

    I'd delete the comment, but it won't let me...

    30. august 2022
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    So I'm having some trouble. It's been a while since I've used Chaos mod, but I wanted to start another Chaos playthrough. However, when I try to start a new game, it crashes as soon as I'm supposed to have control of Michael. The mod also doesn't appear to be running when it starts. Any idea why?

    I included a few crash logs, if that helps you figure out what's going on. I guess it could be some of my other mods? Anyway:

    29. august 2022
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    Is there a way I can disable to airbreak keybind on controller?

    25. maj 2022
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    Exactly the kind of mod I was looking for! It's not perfect, but it does what I need to.

    -Obviously you know this already, but Spotify does not pause when game is paused
    -Spotify unmutes at times when it logically shouldn't, such as in police vehicles and bicycles.
    -While most radio stations have the music volume when dialogue is playing, Spotify Radio doesn't. I would suggest having it lower the volume by a certain percentage of what it's set to be at by default if it is possible to do so.
    -Everytime I switch to Spotify Radio, or it's automatically turned on when I enter a vehicle, the game lags. It's not a huge deal as it's only barely noticeable, and it may depend on hardware, since I know I don't exactly have the most powerful machine in the world.
    -There was one time where the script straight up crashed as I got into a vehicle, but luckily I was able to reload it by using ScriptHookVDotNet. I don't know how to recreate it, but if it happens again, I will try to remember what I did before it did.

    6. januar 2022
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    Update: After trying like 8 times with both "Franklin" and "Trevor", I posted the above comment. THEN the mission finally works lmao

    24. oktober 2021
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    Great mod, I am actually having a lot of fun with this mod. I had to disable the weapon and weapon stats randomizers for basically any shootout mission to be playable because half the time I would die in one shot from someone or they would throw a rocket at me. Also, when you go to (what is supposed to be) Fresh Meat, the mission where you rescue Michael from the kidnappers, the mission softlocks the game and I have to reload to do anything, and that doesn't even fix it. I cannot continue past this mission.

    24. oktober 2021
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    I was using Trevor's ability at one time as it warped me into a car. I could not turn off the special ability until I left the car. This gave me an idea for an effect: Forced Special Ability. You cannot turn off your character's special ability during this time. May be useful at times, but mildly inconvenient at other times. If possible, it should be active even when it's normally not possible, like if Michael or Trevor are in a car, or if Franklin is on foot.

    6. juli 2021
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    Fun mod to play around with. Just one little issue. I'm pretty sure it was intended to have pressing X without locking onto a ped allow you to control whatever ped you last controled. However if you do this before ever locking onto a ped or if the last ped has despawned, you mind control yourself and can't do anything after pressing X again. Did some experimenting, turns out your character turns into an NPC, cause even though I couldn't control myself, I could give myself a wanted level. Micheal would shoot at the police after they started shooting at him, and I had no control.

    Also, suicide rarely works, but it looks like you know that already :/

    2. februar 2020