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    Problem: During installation process.
    After I put the LA_ROADS folder to the dlc packs and I try to put "<Item>/dlcpacks:LA_ROADS/</Item>
    inside dlclist.xml, the bottom is incomplete, meaning the xml is not finished for some reason. Whenever I try to finish it myself and open GTA V(I am on the Steam release version) it crashes and says "Corrupt game date, please reboot, verify game files or reinstall the game". Now I have tried reboot and verification, but I have not tried reinstalling due to internet constraints. I need help wiith this issue. Thanks

    22. maj 2021
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    Is this FIveM compatible?

    23. februar 2021
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    Bro how can I uninstall it? Sorry man

    11. oktober 2020
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    Guys pls help when ever I play, it crashes after a while it says "Out of game memory". Btw don't roast me Im on a pirated copy of GTA V and I got it on FitGirl repacks. im sorry guys pls help thanks

    8. oktober 2020