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  • 930ce8 1996 vette

    @Matoke1234 Steam account same name, no discord (no time!).
    Sorry I have but a few minutes here today, Double check your dlclist.xml and make sure you didn't delete anything important along with the train file you got back. Make sure your trains.xml is not larger than 200kb and not using overhauledtransextra mod as AdderFTW888 has confirmed it doesn't work.
    Luck to you!

    28. januar 2020
  • 930ce8 1996 vette

    @AdderFTW888 forgive me man. It's your fix I've been referring to and I didn't recognize your name at first. Yeah, since your fix worked so well it is probably the trains file if it is over 200kb. When I downloaded it the file was only 190kb.
    Had I recognized your name I wouldn't of asked if you used your own fix! It is what got it working for me!
    So I owe you a humongous thank you!

    25. januar 2020
  • 930ce8 1996 vette

    @Matoke1234, I just noticed your comment on the Brown Streak addon page. Don't attempt to use both at the same time. Brown Streak is part of Overhauled Trains. You don't need the other mod at all and using both may either cause overwriting of similar files, weird behavior or outright crashing.

    25. januar 2020
  • 930ce8 1996 vette

    @Matoke1234, for clarification, the line is: <Item>dlcpacks:/overhauledtrains/</Item>
    I noticed an extra character at the beginning in my comment. The first character should be the less than symbol. Sorry, a bit tired after a long training day.

    25. januar 2020
  • 930ce8 1996 vette

    @AdderFTW888, None of the files I downloaded from here exceeded 200kb, so I did no culling. Did you change the line in the DLC list file and add the line <Item>dlcpacks:/overhauledtrains/</Item> to the DLC list file? This is known to cause crashing. If your trains.xml is larger than 200kb delete it and use the one from the latest download as it is only 190kb. Best of luck!
    @Matoke1234 Sorry for the late reply, busy week qualifying for my Class B CDL. I'll try to make this as easy as possible.
    dlclist is located (using OpenIV in Edit Mode) in this path: \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
    Add the above line by extracting the file, open in a text editor like notepad++ and put the line i<Item>dlcpacks:/overhauledtrains/</Item> at the end of the dlclist, Do it exactly like the other similar lines are done. Drop it back into the same place you extracted it from.
    Place the entire folder overhauled trains in:mods\update\x64\dlcpacks Just drop it in while in edit mode, you should see it after.
    Drop the trains1.dat, trains.xml and traintracks.xml into: \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5 You should see those three files afterwords and none should exceed 200kb as the largest one is 190kb from the mod download.
    I'll try to check back this weekend after my tests tomorrow. Best of luck.

    25. januar 2020
  • 930ce8 1996 vette

    @Slash_Alex, I haven't tried it on the new update. Once I removed Addon Spawner my crashing went back to the normal (for me) hour and a half to two hour window which I believe to be a memory problem caused by severe mod addiction and a seven year old homebrew computer in need of some upgrades. I will try to test it this coming weekend, but training for a new job has my weekday priorities sewn up at the moment. Before the game update however I had no problems specific to ENT, and updated it at the same time I updated Scripthook.

    7. januar 2020
  • 930ce8 1996 vette

    @Zemanez @Slash_Alex, I may of discovered a potential mod conflict for the mid-game crash with no dump file being created in Appdata.
    With simple trainer, I had no problems, with ENT I was getting a CTD between five and thirty minutes with no error code, no dump file, and always at when inside a vehicle. Nothing in ScripthookV or Scripthook.Net logs. Re-installation of mod and Steam file check showed no change and no errors.
    I did have Addon Spawner in my scripts file. It used to be a requirement for something (WOV or PDM perhaps? I don't recall) but is currently not required by anything I'm running. After removal I played an hour and a half with no crashes. Upon re-installation, I crashed in less than fifteen minutes.
    I read all the comments and solutions here and on GTA forums and came across a comment over there about you not requiring MP vehicles in SP, as you use your own pointers. That comment got me scouring my scripts folder.
    It may be unique to my stupidly over-modded setup, but in case it is more general I thought I would share my findings.
    Thanks for your hard work on this. It is the best of all the trainers and I'm so glad to see it maintained.

    5. januar 2020
  • 930ce8 1996 vette

    @Matoke1234, For one, your looking up a single line that has to be inserted into dlclist.xml located in mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml.
    In OpenIV while in edit mode that line can be inserted at the bottom of the list via the edit function. Remember to change the \ to / or it will crash, (or copy the line later in this comment as it is fixed) then save your edit. This is an error on Walters part, but easily fixable. Second put the folder overhauledtrains in mods\update\x64\dlcpacks. Just drop the entire folder in. Now go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5 and drop in the trains.xml, trains1.dat and traintracks.xml folders into that file.
    You must install the full folder in the dlc packs and add the line <Item>dlcpacks:/overhauledtrains/</Item> to your dlclist file. Note that you can just copy this as it is the fixed version. It works fine for me.
    I wish you luck and will try to help if you encounter problems, but it is a mod, so no guarantees! :)

    4. januar 2020
  • 930ce8 1996 vette

    Wow, such improvements, and controller support no less. (although that can be a bit weird as I'm always pulling out my phone scrolling the menus, meh, I doubt anything can be done for that)
    Works perfectly, well of course I've avoided the experimental pars thus far, but I love what you've improved. I stopped using the enhanced version long ago when it stopped being supported and went back to the basic one. Nice to see this resurrected, I hadn't noticed till now and some of the other ones have been glitchy. Thanks for your hard work.
    Peace out!

    2. december 2019
  • 930ce8 1996 vette

    Works fine on latest build of GTA. But only IF you follow @AdderFTW888 advice above. The slashes are reversed in the line you need to enter into the DLC list. As the latest versions XML files are all less than 200kb I didn't need to cull anything. Now I didn't install the train driver part as I believe there are newer mods for that and I didn't include the sounds for no better reason than I didn't try them. But as long as you replace the DLC line with the correct one, it works just fine. Very nice selection of rail cars, different flatbeds, flatbeds with liquid tanks, seavans and such. And the Brown Streak passenger trains work fine.
    This is the line in the download, it is incorrect: <Item>dlcpacks:\overhauledtrains\</Item>
    This is the corrected line from AdderFTW888 <Item>dlcpacks:/overhauledtrains/</Item>
    All credit to AdderFTW888, I am only reposting his fix because few people seem to be able to read up more than one or two comments looking for a solution.
    I did see a passenger train stop randomly on the tracks in Sandy Shores before the rail crossing, no station there but hey, it's still nice to see passenger trains. I may try an alternative skin though, the brown is a tad bleh for my taste, but that is a personal preference and not a mod problem.

    11. november 2019