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  • 523065 gta 5 police pursuit

    This mod is amazing, could you add some stuff at the Blaine County Savings Bank in Paleto Bay?

    29. maj 2016
  • 523065 gta 5 police pursuit

    Hey, whenever I go to the H on the map, press Enter, the tab with the info, money and stuff comes up, and all of that works, apart from the 'heist' bar, whenever I go to it, the whole GUI disappears and all I am left with is the background, can someone help me please?

    26. maj 2016
  • 523065 gta 5 police pursuit

    Hey, when I was sitting in my car at two stars, cops tasing the windows (xD), a bus ran them over, suddenly a message appears saying: Suspect has been involved in a hit and run, and then: Cops will now ram you at will. Can you fix that please, other than that, awesome mod! Thanks!

    25. maj 2016