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  • D18bf5 wasted

    How do i change the controls? should i replace Left and Right with the letter i want to use? or do other keys have a numeric id?

    25. april 2021
  • D18bf5 wasted

    Best FPS Counter is when it doesn't show the word "FPS", doesn't have unnecessary info and has the smallest and most simple possible font.

    17. april 2021
  • D18bf5 wasted

    idk if its the size or lack of transparency but THIS IS SNOW!

    17. april 2021
  • D18bf5 wasted

    Why does Franklin get Dehydrated everytime i buy a soda from the vending machine or drink beer at safehouse?
    Only way i can hydrate him is having a diner at a restaurant. ... looks like it suddenly started working in opposite way.
    Fluid dries him out lol

    12. april 2021