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    If it garners any help, when I try to activate the abilities/powers in the menu, I get a ScripHookVDotNet log error of '[ERROR] Script 'CapShieldThrow.CapShieldThrow' is not responding! Aborting...'.
    I've tried modifying the weapon name in the Default and Winter Soldier .ini files, deleting ped files/re-adding ped files, re-installing all ScriptHook related files and various troubleshooting. I have never been able to run this script at all. I have primarily JulioNIB mods/scripts and a few various others that work with no issue. I would still like to get this script running.

    27. maj 2021
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    @SaintShowtime Same here man. It may be a conflict with JulioNIB mods, which would be a shame. Unfortunately, no help at all from the devs of this mod. At least one person responded for assistance when I ran into issues.

    4. maj 2021
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    @Metal Head Much appreciated. It only brings up the menu. When I try to activate it, nothing happens. I have to reload the game to try it again, but it still doesn't work.

    6. januar 2021
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    Still no response or help on this issue........

    24. november 2020
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    I press 'CTRL+ALT+Z' and nothing happens. I even press other keys and run around, but nothing happens. I installed the files in the scripts folder, but it doesn't work. I need a little help here.

    21. oktober 2020
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    @JohnnyTurbo This was pinned by the author at the top of this thread if the board gets caught between your legs, just reload the scripts and dont move anywhere else or the game might crash

    7. oktober 2020
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    Keep getting a 'shield throw' error and the script crashes out. I changed out the .YDR and .YDT weapons files in OIV, but no dice. What's good with getting this to work?

    2. oktober 2020
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    Figured it out, after watching a video. Had to add the ped in add on peds and select 'true'.

    16. september 2020
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    Don't work. I'm not sure if the ped files are complete, as it has only half of the usual ped files. When I load the BlackAdam ped model, it crashes my game.

    15. september 2020
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    I haven't used a mod in a long time. i do have the script hook and a basic trainer. How do I load/launch the ghost rider mod?

    31. januar 2018