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  • D1fb1d logo test

    Hello, I found some bugs in V3:
    The Alamo 363 has a handling issue (it flips in turns), lacks a license plate, and on the "Labo Humain" texture, the logo is upside down (on the right side).
    The Buffalo S 5 has the same handling issue.
    The Stanier 5 (livery 2), the Torence 3 (livery 3), and the Alamo 364 have a texture issue on the trunk (the "Patrol Car" is hidden behind a logo).

    The next two are not bugs, but I'd like to report them just in case:
    The Caracara 3 doesn't have sirens.
    The Caracara 4 doesn't have armored windows.

    Despite all this, it remains a very good pack, congratulations! 😄

    7. december 2023
  • D1fb1d logo test

    Hello, I have a problem when I activate the bucket control: at the end of the loading at the bottom right, the plugin crash and when I look in the rage command it puts me " System.AccessViolationExeception". Do you know what it can come from? (I have the Enhanced Utility truck and I'm in version 2189)

    22. december 2020