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    How isn;t anybody talking about that this is the most incorrect GTA Map Mod i've ever seen, It is not Dubai, It is basically a mix of Buildings that are from Arabian Countries NOT JUST UAE, & Buildings which are in he UAE but not Dubai, It did have buildings which are atleast in Dubai but this Map is incorrect, Please make the correct version.

    30. januar 2023
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    Hello! This is useful but we all know that there can be something much better, Like for people who are so out of knowledge of GTA Modding, There should be a launcher for GTA V Modding, Like choosing what profile should you use and/or creating a new profile to mod while having Vanilla as an option on top, Everytime you create a new profile they download the requirements and the stuffs to avoid crashes etc, An area to download mods and/or uplaud mods, Teaching you how to create you're own mod, And with the mods you got from there can be instantly added to the GTA V Profile like you download any mods you want doesn't matter what type & instantly added to your GTA V & if they were mods where you got from other places like this site it scans it to memorize the file types so maybe gonna take time or maybe it can instantly memorize it, Like every types of mod has their own places, I can't explain it bur i want that type of thing with many ways to do i am so noob at GTA V Modding so i'm likely a person who can fit in with something that is like GTA V Modding Launcher, Try creating that even tho it won't be that good well you most likely update it to getting better better and better, Thanks

    8. januar 2023
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    Where is the location?

    24. september 2022
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    Guys, I need help when I Download it, The GameConfig.Xml File is a browser and it’s probably not accepted to OpenIV, Is there a away to remove the browser and how?

    25. august 2022