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  • C63562

    @SnakeVenom33939 Hey there, I appreciate the response. I hope the author is doing well and I didn't intend on enacting any form of pressure towards them. After all, these types of mods take a significant amount of time to create, and they're free. It looks like I missed the fwBoxStreamerVariable and ZolikaPatchV downloads which is funny because I usually make a habit of reading the descriptions. Anyhow, I'll install these two and see how it goes. My game is fairly stable as it is, fortunately. Thank you.

    13. juni 2022
  • C63562

    @madkirk74 You need to install a new gameconfig.xml file if you haven't already then.

    12. juni 2022
  • C63562

    This is a great mod pack, my only criticism so far is that I noticed a considerably large hole in the side of the NOOSETRU2 model (based on the Stockade). I only hope the author hasn't disappeared because I can't find any recent activity from them anywhere; it would be a real shame.

    5. juni 2022
  • C63562

    @FlawlessBacon Yeah I ended up asking in a support server afterwards whether anyone knew since I couldn't find anything about it elsewhere. Got resolved pretty quickly; I just don't know why that setting was toggled to begin with. Thanks though!

    25. maj 2022
  • C63562

    @Pursuit I'm thankful for this plugin, as it makes for a good backup whilst SHV is outdated between GTA updates. The only problem I've encountered so far is that as soon as I enable this plugin, the Ultimate Backup plugin for LSPDFR by BejoIjo stops working. That being, when I request a police unit it and it spawns, it won't drive anywhere.

    20. maj 2022
  • C63562

    This trainer is fantastic, and I love using it. Its simplicity is great. Unfortunately I've recently been experiencing CTDs when opening/closing the trainer in-game. I'm not entirely sure if this file is the problem but I have noted others saying to be wary since this hasn't been updated since January. Hopefully an update comes in the future and everything is settled, whether I am right or wrong. Love this mod regardless.

    14. maj 2022