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    Thanks for this mod. It works great and I am using the 5x Cars, 5x People game config and I can confirm that this train mod works perfectly fine on my setup. I like the addition of idle trains in sidings at the harbour and the power station as well as the oil refinery. It really does bring the game to life and I have been checking out the passenger trains as well as I like the ability to walk into the passenger carriages through the door.

    So if anyone is having trouble getting this mod to work. Try using the 5x traffic, 5x peds game config because that one definitely works with this mod and it adds more cars to the road traffic that makes Los Santos feel more like LA in the real world. I am just in the process of adding the extras like the additional stations etc and I do like riding on these trains with Trevor. A let's play video showing this mod that will be a rail fanning video will be coming from me soon.

    10. oktober 2020
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    Great add-on and high quality. Sad to read that you no longer make public mods but I understand this to a point. That said. I am sure most of the community appreciates your hard work if you decide to come back in the future.

    9. oktober 2020