Liberty City
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  • 05dfc3 claude

    @SERGIO_VAN_DYK I think it's worth mentioning in the installation that the model files need to be renamed to "Mai_Nude" in order to work.

    21. december 2022
  • 05dfc3 claude

    @xXcalvin54Xx I understand what you mean! I meant more the model switching side more than the voice replacing, which by the way i have tried to do myself to no avail, keep up the good work!

    26. oktober 2022
  • 05dfc3 claude

    It'd be amazing to see you do one for Tommy Vercetti as Michael De Santa or Claude as Trevor, not many people have made mods like these for some reason.

    24. oktober 2022
  • 05dfc3 claude

    Hey, so if you're installing this as a replacement for michael, slow your roll.
    Don't use the gameconfig.xml or dlclist.xml from this file, as they are extremely old, simply modify your dlclist.xml with
    and despite popular belief you don't need the gameconfig.xml

    Also, please don't install anywhere other than your mods folder, if you install it wrong in your base, you'll have to completely reinstall the game. (or verify game files)

    So basically do this instead.
    1. Place the TV folder into your (mod) dlcpacks folder
    2. Edit the dlclist.xml (DON'T overwrite it) and add "<Item>dlcpacks:\tv\</Item>"
    3. Hope this mod from 2016 still works

    This isn't an insult to the model by any means, more or less the instructions.

    26. november 2021
  • 05dfc3 claude

    Love it! was wondering if you were planning on doing CJ?

    10. juni 2021