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    and im still getting paid by peds for pills i dont have

    22. juli 2022
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    Whats the point in selling drugs to peds while the drug dealers across the map has the same prices as them?
    -shouldnt normal peds pay higher than dealers?
    -following that, why would i even sell to peds if the drug dealer pays me the same prices for a pack, and i can sell him the whole inventory in one hit.
    -while in an interaction menu with a ped, it doesnt let me dictate if i even want to sell the drugs to him. in case i see the ped is willing to pay 40% lower than what i bought the drug- why do i have to automatically sell it?
    -as you level up, shouldnt you get more heat from the cops? and from the rivaling gangs?

    even though this mod is impressive up until now, i think it has killer potential.

    22. juli 2022
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    Looks but how do i spawn them? With addon ped? Is it a ped replace?

    6. juli 2022
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    @JustDancePC you're awesome and you're mods are awesome, and you're one of the most helpful members i know here- but the man just uploaded a mod he created in his own free time and he now wants to share it with us all to enjoy.. you're being a little harsh on him- if his immersion is off maybe thats the way he likes to mod, and i bet youre free to criticize his mod in a more gentle way, maybe he would oblige and maybe he wont.

    5. juli 2022
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    @ramirezdu06 bro, many body guards scripts try to implement some hiring system for immersion, maybe you should try that

    25. juni 2022
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    I see that i can sell drug i dont have.. than it shows this value in the ini file
    PILLSBAGS = -2

    any idea why?

    22. juni 2022
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    hey. how do i sell to random peds?

    17. juni 2022
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    What is the role of the guards near the traphouse?
    Are they your bodguards? Can you hire them? Give them weapons? Can they follow you ?

    16. juni 2022
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    it says "javelin mission are not loaded". any idea what i need to do?

    29. marts 2022
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    does anyone experience here trouble with disappearing textures while displaying addon cars via the import shop?

    26. marts 2022