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  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    5th Jan '22
    Progress: Currently working inside fiveM

    5. januar 2022
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    2nd Jan '22
    Update: Majority of work is complete, SM 2.0 is currently being rebuilt, optimization for performance and bug checking/ fixing.
    To be clear, SM2.0 will not be released in a couple of days as the mod is in rebuild however I will post an update when due to be released. Can't wait to show everyone what we have been working on - January should be a good month :)

    2. januar 2022
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @Flooo A likely release of SM 2.0 will be January, as well as being fivem compatible :)

    26. december 2021
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @DMNK_DS Sorry, ignore my last post I thought this was an error on my Stark Tower mod for Liberty Rewind xD - No idea about that.. can you provide a picture? There are many bugs and glitches with SM 1.0 which will be fixed in 2.0, however from what i guess about your issue atm is maybe something conflicting like another mod? When you step on the bridge to the pathway, the first step is on SM 1.0, so any other placement not on SM is either not related, or a conflict somewhere; gameconfig, dlclist, other mods etc.

    Provide some pictures and I will try to help you debug :)

    Merry Christmas!

    25. december 2021
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @DMNK_DS That would a problem within Liberty Rewind :)

    24. december 2021
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    14th December Update: Lots of progress regarding fixes, addons and new features. Unfortunately the release window for Christmas, being so close, makes this impossible to achieve. The build is getting closer and closer each day; we aim to make this the best MCU Stark Mansion map possible. January is a safer bet. I REALLY want to show everyone what we've been working on for nearly 2 years but I feel the overall surprise at release will be more than justified. As always I will keep everyone updated.

    14. december 2021
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @Destiny2 Hey! I plan on releasing my 'SHIELD Bus' addon after the release of SM 2.0! I will probably release the latest build I have of the bus and leave it open for other creators to finish/add their implementation etc - I have the current bus saved on drive but atm focus is SM :)
    Thank you for the kind words and any support, it is greatly appreciated!

    5. december 2021
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    @nj5050 Thank you! Use a trainer to open the Cargo door (Left driver door)

    @Gamer742 Thanks - sorry for the super late reply.
    1. I have been out of vehicle modding for some time now, I currently do not know how to do this.
    2. Glass is already transparent; has a tint effect from the outside to replicate Quinjet from MCU
    3. Hmm, not sure why this happens, must be a collision issue
    4. I have 0% experience with scripts unfortunately
    5. Oh? I had no idea this link could even expire! My tag is: JDeezNutz#0907

    30. november 2021
  • 5ab16d gta5mods

    22nd November '21 Update:
    Many fixes, getting closer. There is still a lot of work to be done but myself and others involved (revealed at release) are working extremely hard to hit the Christmas deadline.
    Please note if we are unable to meet this deadline, please know we will be doing our best to release Stark Mansion 2.0 as soon as possible.

    22. november 2021