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  • D5bfa2 dog


    Try this combination:


    I believe lockRadio is the culprit. Sorry for the trouble there, it was poor design on my part. The new FOSA greatly simplifies these settings.

    "Block Hotkeys" disables the ability to use buttons/hotkeys to change the radio station. This is in case you're a Fallout purist and -only- want to be able to change stations through the Pipboy.

    "Lock Radio" disables the ability for the game to switch the radio station at -all- from outside the Pipboy, whether hotkey or, more specifically, automatically -- for example, if you're listening on foot to one station and then getting into a car, it would switch your Pipboy to listening to their station. Lock Radio would prevent that.

    The new FOSA deals with radio functionality far more elegantly. Sorry for the confusion here!

    30. juni 2016
  • D5bfa2 dog

    Me alegro de que estés disfrutando! :)

    La próxima versión de FOSA es una gran mejora sobre el actual! No quiero echar a perder las sorpresas de los cuales hay muchos, pero:

    Shouting es:

    1: Completamente opcional a través de la selección Perk.
    2: Una sola shout se puede detener, si ya se ha iniciado
    3: Full botón controlador de reasignación que significa que puede shout sólo cuando se desea y no por accidente!


    30. juni 2016
  • D5bfa2 dog

    @ItsLukass The version of FO:SA currently online is no longer compatible with SH.NET. New FO:SA will be coming soon!

    14. juni 2016
  • D5bfa2 dog

    @nerdistmonk You'll need to grab SH.NET 2.7, although considering you're likely running 2.5 (January as you said) on build 350, you most likely will be fine.

    And yeah, there's no reason to update SH.NET until a mod you want to play requires it. An update to SH.NET, in terms of "YAY new features :D" is more an update for developers than it is for players. For example, one new feature of 2.7 is "Added shadow and outline options for 'UIText' class." Lets say I wanted to add an outline to the HUD label displaying the VATS target's name.

    line1: targetLabel.Caption = currentTarget.Name;
    line2: targetLabel.Shadow = true;

    Simply typing in " targetLabel . " pulls up a wealth of available options for modifying "targetLabel", such as Caption, Shadow(2.7), Outline(2.7), Scale, Font, Color, etc. This is one reason people enjoy working in an environment such as .NET, as all the available options are presented to you depending on the current situation.

    So if the dev version is 2.7, and the player version is 2.6, the player's client won't know what to do about that second line of code there, and crash.

    If you go to download a mod, say, today, which calls for SH.NET 2.6 at least, just download 2.7, or whatever is the latest version at the time.

    And about your stuttering:

    For what its worth, in Build 678, I too am experiencing a stutter. In my case, it happens in short 1-2 second bursts every 5-10 seconds for the first 30 seconds of entering the game world, at which point it goes away until I quit the game and relaunch.

    Freak chance you'd have the exact same issue, just thought I'd share in case of it.

    24. april 2016
  • D5bfa2 dog

    @nerdistmonk Yup, hundreds of items will have an explicit purpose whether that be from direct use or as part of a crafting recipe. Virtually every item will at minimum have both a scrap material (or multiple, or none) as well as a cash value for vendor trading. I've devised a neat trick for rapidly identifying which world objects still need metadata and which don't, so I basically just drive around and tag whatever I find until I can't find anything else. Its like an Easter egg hunt! Takes the monotony out of what would otherwise be a freaking nightmare.

    And yeah, shop stalls may or may not actually provide for some interesting surprises which go beyond just random world vendors *cough*FO4*cough*! That's not a promise though, I'm just spit-balling here, but technically, there's no reason why settlement vendors couldn't be a thing.

    Also in regard to items and vendors: since the last published update, I've -greatly- strengthened my grasp on coding in general and in particular with the GTAV Scripthook/SH.NET APIs. My implementation of UI has thus become vastly more streamlined and smooth. The Pipboy in its currently published state from November was a monumental achievement for me, however, what I've done since then outshines it -greatly-. Straight-up, based on the trajectory of where I'm going with my current working early model, the FO:SA vendor interface for example will behave exactly as you may expect it would from a Bethesda game. I even have a 3D item preview when you hover your mouse over an item's button!

    Your door idea is wonderful! I don't know about -every- door, just because of the sheer amount of doors.. well actually... I hesitate because I realize that it could just be a matter of setting up the API so that door portal creation could be as simple as supplying the coordinates of the door in the world, and then letting the system generate the rest, just as you were saying. Yeah, this is an idea I'm definitely gonna take out for a spin!

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    20. april 2016
  • D5bfa2 dog

    @Sander I haven't tried it for myself yet but damn, your spontaneous ramp placement idea is brilliant! I'll definitely keep you in mind for when I'm looking to team up on something!

    @mrlucamk @nerdistmonk What Monk said. Guess what though, I've MacGyvered a way around the problem!

    To my amazement, I found that if you store a moving prop's current position, rotation, and velocity, you can straight up delete the prop in one frame and then recreate it in the next with the old position, rotation, and velocity....and the switch will be SEAMLESS! You'd think it'd look glitchy, of course, it'd have to, right? Nope. I was completely dumbfounded by how smooth it looked. And thats for MOVING objects! Now, imagine what you could do if you stored the precise position, rotation, and velocity for a BUNCH of objects, stored them on a list, and then destroyed/create them within a certain proximity? See where I'm going with this? :D

    @nerdistmonk The mod is coming together, slowly but surely! I'm starting to feel like a tease just saying "A lot of cool stuff" and holding so much back again and again considering how long its been, so I'm just gonna go ahead and leak one feature right now despite my intention to let all the surprises come at once. You know how in Fallout 3/NV you have speech checks which REQUIRE a certain amount to succeed? (Unlike Fallout 4 where its just probability based on Charisma value) Well, ambient non-story NPCs in FO:SA have their own skill values too! The values are randomized, and so it results in some pretty wacky, organically generated situations wherein you might pay an NPC to go beat someone up, and depending on their Confidence, they may or may not actually go do it. With a perk, you can see what the actual value of their confidence stat is (Think the FO4 perk which shows you the level and resists of the targeted VATS mob). Oh, and based upon the target's Confidence, will either engage the attacker, or flee. If he engages, a duel officially begins, and branches off according to the results! Stats drive the results of everything, and its really quite fascinating to see this in motion! Oh, and I guess as one extra thing, every time you level up, a fireworks display will go off, spelling out "LVL __" in the sky (optional). Pretty cool thing, small enough to mention! Lots more to come!

    And by the way, yes, I got your donations! Thank you! It might be taking awhile, but you're going to LOVE the new update, and FO:SA will be all the better now with not just the extra coffee you've funded, but the fire lit underneath me knowing someone is enjoying my work enough that they'd even -think- to donate -at all-. That means a lot to me. Thanks again!

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    13. april 2016
  • D5bfa2 dog

    @Sander I'm happy to hear you're enjoying it! :)

    I do have a Build Mode in the works, although there likely won't be a standalone version of it, or of any other FOSA subsystem except for VATS, unless people like my take on a Build Mode enough to warrant a standalone version of it. Not to mention that my Build Mode is pretty tightly coupled to the rest of FOSA due to the incorporation of salvageable parts, material expenditure and settlement functionality.

    Folks looking for an all-around ingame Build Mode should look elsewhere, perhaps in your direction? :D

    27. marts 2016
  • D5bfa2 dog

    @mrlucamk Not yet, no, and this likely won't be a thing due to the complications involved, BUT... I've mind-mapped the path to getting it working and its actually feasible that I could pull it off. I guess I just don't want to make any promises, I mean, considering I've already implemented and demo'ed a working "build mode," I'm basically halfway there already! So, there *may* just be custom player houses at some point, ala Fallout 4! Can't say for sure!

    @Hvheem2 I've got a standalone VATS only version of the mod in the works! Its based off the new VATS engine I've created for FO:SA V2, and its a lot slicker, more performance-friendly, and customizable than before. Coming soon enough!

    16. marts 2016
  • D5bfa2 dog


    "you could have it so theres a random chance it trips a silent alarm (1 star basically)"

    I LOVE THIS! I find hacking in FO3/NV/4 to be a huge annoyance, mainly due to the arbitrary punishment of getting locked out of the terminal. Whether its permanent (barring perks/special occasions) in FO3/NV, or 10 seconds as in FO4, either way, lockouts are one of those rare instances which in my eye justify quicksave/quickload cheese. Now, if the terminal had lasers which shot out of it (R2D2 style) that dealt a reasonable amount of damage, well, you could simply determine how many stimpaks you're willing to blow through before you leave that terminal alone. That at least would offer some choice, but more-so, I'd rather take 25-33% damage and keep going rather than quicksave/quickload over and over. You play it careful because you don't want to waste stimpaks, but if you have to waste something, better stimpaks than unnecessarily spent time.

    So in comes your idea: Instead of just getting locked out from the terminal, or just having damage dealt, a silent alarm gets tripped. You can keep hacking if you WANT.. but at your own peril, as its up to YOU how long you want to keep trying (not some arbitrary cooldown timer or quickloading) before the cops finally pull up (not to mention the ATM wouldn't want to hint that the alarm had been tripped, thus no lockout), and as we know, its far easier to escape a 1-star BEFORE being detected than it is to get detected and then have it escalate to 2 stars for trying to get away.

    So it introduces a reason to be careful while offering a STIMULATING punishment instead of an ANNOYING punishment.


    And it doesn't just end there. That's just the root of the tree, because it then encourages careful planning from the player such as--"If I'm gonna rob an ATM, I'm gonna plan ahead and pick the one that is furthest from a police station, so that I have the maximum amount of fail-safe time in the event I trip the alarm." <-- The reality of this though is that rarely do I find myself going out of my way to do this kind of stuff when games I've played have hinted they want me to go and do this type of stuff. So I know that there has to be a way to make it actually COMPELLING to drive ALL THE WAY OUT OF THE WAY just to do ONE TINY THING. And OH MAN I can't even begin to describe how much fun THAT is going to be. I've got some systems I've been making on the side during my burnout from FO:SA which are in some shape or form going to wind up in FO:SA. Coming soon enough :D

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    21. februar 2016
  • D5bfa2 dog

    @nerdistmonk Man, I can't tell you what it means to hear that its your favorite mod, thank you for sharing that. I've also got this huge grin plastered on my face knowing full well what you're in store for.. to think you enjoyed the mod BEFORE... oh man!

    And about the blips, ha, you read my mind! Not only can you bypass them entirely, but they're handled far more efficiently and intelligently than before. Best part -- they're context sensitive!

    So much is in store! I'd say I can't wait to release, but I've learned for myself why the ole "Soon(tm)" release date policy is an actual thing! Thanks again for commenting, and don't hesitate to throw any more suggestions my way! I am SO excited for you, you are going to LOVE the update!!

    18. februar 2016