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    Stopped working with the July 2022 update. Don't bother. A+ for effort when it did work it was kind of fun.

    9. december 2022
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    Every time I switch wardrobes I lose all my weapons. Yo.

    8. december 2022
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    This shouldn't let you sell cars unless you own it. There's a flag for that in the data structure. (Same rules as impound determine "own" - you've invested money in it, or garaged it.)
    For cars you don't own, it should let you chop shop it. $50 goes into the "Towing Impound cash" (there's a variable for this) , $50 goes into the Scrapyard cash (again, another variable), and 1% of the car value goes to the player.

    7. december 2022
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    @JSaxon Scripthook was updated for the July release. Your problem is that the game updated a few days ago.

    27. oktober 2022
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    I love these. I may have commented on the last time I did a single player run through but now I'm doing it again.

    Could y'all do a minor variant of Coloverdo plate to be a 1970 vintage? OA-5599 on an alpine white Gauntlet Classic...

    26. oktober 2022
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    Errors out when loading a YMT, tries to work with an XML converted file, but will eventually encounter something it doesn't like and error out again. Unusable as-is. There was an attempt at a necessary tool, but.

    14. oktober 2022
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    Their faces don't emote and lips don't move when they talk. Any way to fix that?

    12. oktober 2022
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    This is great work. Only thing wrong with it is Tonya. She's a crackhead! She looks too good in this reskin. You gotta make her look like was attractive in the past but now she's a worn out lumpy, droopy, crack baby look-a-like, cisco drinkin', loud, ignorant, fucked-up teeth, stank hoodrat, won't down, butthead swap-meet, leaned-over tennis shoe, cigarette butt baggin' bitch

    8. oktober 2022
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    Does this require MP Maps? You should say so on the front page. MP Maps screws up the storyline, so any mod that requires it is only useful if you're ignoring the story or if you don't care.

    6. oktober 2022
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    what about that dinosaur though?

    21. september 2022