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  • D4eaf1 graslama

    hey yo, asshole! ;) maybe parts of this mod will help out with the traffic:
    i use 4x traffic + 4x peds from this mod and it works fine

    17. november 2015
  • D4eaf1 graslama

    yeah, it´s working now! :)
    it would be great, when we could use the TV and the bong ;p

    10. november 2015
  • D4eaf1 graslama

    yeah, the buttons, starting to hate them :) I have NO free buttons left to configure. The situation will become better, if the mods will allow CTRL and SHIFT buttons to set. CTRL+A, CTRL+SHIFT+A etc.; look there -> VAutodrive [CTRL_SHIFT+M] for Menuconfig. It´s not all about this mod, just in general...

    9. november 2015
  • D4eaf1 graslama

    @qiangqiang101: I guess this mode writes massive .tmp files in the /temp-directory. Please check temp filenames in this format: tmpB306.tmp [tmpB???.tmp]
    all pictures 118827 bytes long with the "Premium Deluxe Motorsport" Logo. I use a RAM-Disk, so it is not a problem for me but for all the other players without a ramdisk...
    I start GTA5 once and get 29 tmp pic files. yesterday i found hundrets of them because of testing some gta-mod´s *g*.
    Ah and i can not buy any car because "CheckOut" Button [RightMouseButton] does not work. i will try to set an alternative button. ´hope this works then

    8. november 2015
  • D4eaf1 graslama

    the others trainers interfering to each other to. it´s logical huh? :) when using more than one trainer, you have to decide which features you are using with each trainer.
    best choice is using one trainer, imo

    2. november 2015
  • D4eaf1 graslama

    "RealRastax Author
    Sorry my english is not terrible I am Belgian" Haha, ya thank you for that :) You mean it´s horrible? ;)
    anyway... nice work with the graphix´
    have a nice sunday, greetings Graslamarix ;p

    1. november 2015
  • D4eaf1 graslama

    now it´s part of the game :) if you don´t know this is a mod, you´ll think it´s built in the game *g*

    28. oktober 2015
  • D4eaf1 graslama

    @AlisterX: Change the INSERT key to what u like, F6 for example, just read the posts right over your post.
    the crashes in some functions will remain (some teleports in my case) but the game will no longer halt for some seconds because of pressing [INS]

    28. oktober 2015
  • D4eaf1 graslama

    Ahhh,yes found it, thanks! :)

    27. oktober 2015
  • D4eaf1 graslama

    Can you tell me, how to change the menu [INS]-key Button? On [INSERT] the community races mod reloads its races.xml´s. the game stops for some seconds every time for reload the XML´s. i can´t change the buttons in this mod (no cfg).
    i found in your LUA files this snippet:

    EssentialGUI.navButtons = {
    ["menuOpen"] = {["keys"] = {openKey}, ["menu"] = "mainMenu"},
    ["menuClose"] = {["keys"] = {}},
    ["navUp"] = {["keys"] = {KEY_NUMPAD8}},
    ["navDown"] = {["keys"] = {KEY_NUMPAD2}},
    ["select"] = {["keys"] = {KEY_NUMPAD5}},
    ["navBack"] = {["keys"] = {KEY_NUMPAD0}}
    can i replace {openKey} with {KEY_F6} for example? so F6 is my new ohmymodz-key?

    27. oktober 2015