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  • Michael3
  • Michael3

    @Senon11072004 If you have any problems.. I have now a Discord :)
    Feel free to connect:

    3 dage siden
  • Michael3

    Version 8.1 was Released and are Pending for Approval

    (I had to completely revamp the entire tool because there was a bigger problem to fix.)
    - [Added] "Support" to Menu
    - [Added] "Support Ticket" to Support (Email Support)
    - [Added] "Discord" to Support (Live Support)
    - [Fix] Path changing not working correctly
    - [Fix] Removed the "-OLD" tag on unused paths & replaced it with ' (point above)
    - [Fix] A bug with CPU (higher CPU usage than normal) (seems that this occur since Windows 10 Update 1903)
    - [Improved] Rebuild IconCache option in Shortcut Manager
    - [Re-enabled] "Launch Option" checkbox
    - [Removed] Number of path selections and fixed to value 2
    - [Removed] Language options
    - [Removed] Settings.ini options (no more config file)

    @Senon11072004 @imBIMMER Sorry for the delay and now have fun ;)

    4 dage siden
  • Michael3

    @Senon11072004 Hi thanks for your rating.
    I found the problem and am working on it :)

    2. februar 2020
  • Michael3

    @thiagoandradevitoria Sorry for my late answer. I add your suggestion to my to do list :)

    1. februar 2020
  • Michael3

    @imBIMMER Sorry for the update delay. My private life was very important.

    There is a bigger problem with the tool!
    I'm working on it again and trying to fix it.

    1. februar 2020
  • Michael3

    v1.6 was successful released!
    - [Fix] "Delete all unnecessary files and folder from GTA V folder" not working correctly after selecting another path
    - [Fix] "Select a path" is not saving and loading correctly
    - [Improved] Some code under the hood

    Thanks to @Saku for his attention :)

    17. januar 2020
  • Michael3

    @imBIMMER The main problem is not on your side.. the new launcher works with encrypted files not with the windows registry anymore.
    That's why your game doesn't start because your mod folder was set in the registry but not in that encrypted file is. And i think RagePluginHook is working too with the windows registry..

    But now i found a working way and am working on it ;)

    6. januar 2020
  • Michael3

    @mbk2008 Ok thanks for the video. I think i see what the problem is.
    I look into it ;)

    1. januar 2020
  • Michael3

    @mbk2008 I use for uploading pic. But its better when you make a video where you show step by step what you doing and when you get the error and then you upload the video as "non listed" video and send the link ;)

    1. januar 2020