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  • 1ec23a come to papa

    @Razed... reply

    @ExcessiveGBH That's really odd. Do you use replacement vehicles or add-on vehicles? Is the FPS dipping to 43 during a specific weather or time of day or is it during all hours / weathers? Have you tried closing all unnecessary background programs? You have a better rig than me. I don't even dip to 43 unless I use the Ultra ENB / ReShade and play at 4k or 5k.

    Definitely not your mod, tried Nvidia driver that I know worked, same result. Same issue with older mod -NaturalVision Remastered October 10 which ran with no issues with 10 or so mods combined before the 1809 update .
    It seems to be something unique with my system with the MS update.
    The vanilla version works fine.
    Might do another clean Win 10 install on test hard drive when I have time, see what happens.

    6. december 2018
  • 1ec23a come to papa

    @Isaac Duane Don't get married.

    18. november 2018
  • 1ec23a come to papa

    @Isaac Duane
    @Razed Having the same issue. Only NVR installed no addons. Doesn't matter what resolution or texture settings in game. FPS dips to 43, this never happened before.
    When I have time will try Nvidia 319.24 Have a suspicion it maybe a driver.
    This is also a clean install of WIN 10
    Have also disabled Spectre and Meltdown
    Nvidia 416.81 current.
    Win 10 64 bit Pro 1809 Build OS 17763.134
    Rampage VI Extreme BIOS 1501
    I9-7900X @4.7GHz all cores
    EK-KIT G360 (CPU only)
    Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 1TB
    Nvidia 2 x Sli Titans Pascal @2035Mhz
    32GB G Skill Trident Z 3466MHz
    CPU Cache Ratio 30Mhz

    17. november 2018
  • 1ec23a come to papa

    Anyone not seeing rain impact splashes on car this Mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5/weather and replace this
    "rainstorm_render_ground.xml " with vanilla version.

    6. november 2018
  • 1ec23a come to papa

    @Reclusive Eagle...have the same issue, reported that about 5 months ago. Have so far no reply. I'm wondering if he is still updating this mod.

    5. september 2018
  • 1ec23a come to papa

    Reinstalled these two mods only Visual V and NVR no options and have flickering shadows and lights from 21 to 23 hundred hours. E.g. outside Trevor’s backdoor strip club looking at drain pipe.

    25. maj 2018
  • 1ec23a come to papa

    @PackFan74...Just install Visual V only see if weather is correct. Then install the NVR only and see if weather is correct. I know this won't solve your issue but narrows it down (it just a process of elimination). It’s probably a issue when both installed.
    When I have a bug like that, I will then start to paste a file or part of from the vanilla or say from Visual V for the related issue ( in your case time cycles/ weather folders) game to see if things change.
    I know is a bit a of a pain, I spent 4 hours trying to fix why rain drops made no impact splashing on car panels with NVR installed.
    When you re-installed the game was this on Steam? Did you make sure every folder and file was deleted in the GTA 5 folder, as a moded folder/file (e.g. Trainers, asi) in the root directory are usually not be deleted.
    When modding I always have the game copied to another hard drive and leave my Steam games (apps folder) as vanilla. Saves on re-down loading.

    23. maj 2018
  • 1ec23a come to papa

    Reinstalled the these two mods only Visual V and NVR no options and have flickering shadows and lights form 21 to 23 hundred hours, before and after they don't. Anyone esle having this?

    23. maj 2018
  • 1ec23a come to papa

    @danwillysxi Have you accidently changed the set the time in the trainer to something else... real time etc?

    21. maj 2018
  • 1ec23a come to papa

    @4rell... This mod is great but please anyone knows how to make skidmarks back to normal ? (Standard vehicles now require more pressure in order to create skidmarks.

    Found where to change in vfxvehicleinfo.ymt, \mods\update\update\rpx64\data\effects\vfxvehicleinfo.ymt change to this value <wheelSkidmarkSlipMult value= 1.00000000

    20. maj 2018