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    Wonderfull job! But there is a littyle bug --> wipers run in wrong direction.. Could you fix it please?? TNX!!!

    1. juni 2023
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    beautiful model! But front / rear bumper are missing...

    10. maj 2022
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    the same for me: no wheels appaire...

    6. maj 2022
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    Wonderful car!
    But with this last update, wipers no longer work...

    12. april 2022
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    TOP! Absolutely perfect in all parts!

    2. april 2022
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    Great work!!!! I love all 80's cars. But vehfunc file is missing....Could you add it please? TNX A LOT!

    12. marts 2022
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    i copied every single dlc addon folder by grag and drop from source windows directly in openIV mod\dlcpacks path and NOT by copy and past between windows source / windows destination. That's the correct way to add dlc folder to mod\dlcpacks folder and for me it runs

    23. december 2021
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    CRASHFIX After update 2545 + impossible to add olther vehicle:
    Following i would to share my experience; I hope it colud be useful...

    0.Before last Rockstar 2545 update, i've collected about 2500 addon vehicles and the game was stable end ran perfectly, without crashes.
    1. After updating game to 2545 and using cameconfig V27+last scripthook, the game started, but i coludn't add any vehicles because game crashed at the startup; removing last single addon, the game correctly restarted again. I tried to change lots of different vehicles, but the result was ever the same. It seemed like i reached a addon folder limit number...

    2.Following F7YO suggestion, I've removed by OpenIV ALL dlc file in mods\dlcpack folder, then i've added again all dlcs (only using OpenIV and not directly in the dlcpack folder by copy and paste. The game started correctly.

    3. I stopped to add any single vehicles in dlcpacks + related row in dlclist.xml and i started to create a personal cumulative addon pack. I've added 40 news addon vechiles (in addition to previous 2500 vehicles already installed with gta v2372) and the game run perfectly!!! Last gameconfig by F7YO + Last Scripthook

    4.So guys, if you can't add other additional cars, you can try by this way.

    Thanks a lot F7YO for your work and best wishes to everyone

    23. december 2021
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    from the game log, i found the crash game error:
    [2021-12-21 22:14:08.824] [ ERROR ] [ 3084] [crashdetection] Exit code 0xc0000005 indicates a fatal game exit (reason: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION)
    Have someone a clue about it?

    21. december 2021