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  • 2d18c1 youtube thumbnail

    Hi, your mod has 1 minor problem with the files because, it only contains 2/3 important files and I did not realise and the Bullet was half Ford GT and half Default Bullet with parts everywhere. I just wanted to let you know so you can sort this out ASAP

    26. juni 2016
  • 2d18c1 youtube thumbnail

    Hi, great mod to be honest but could you add the install directory read me in the compressed archive please because, there are some people such as myself who download a bunch of mods and install them when we are ready. Thanks

    25. juni 2016
  • 2d18c1 youtube thumbnail

    Use the mods folder which you can use open iv to use in the asi manager and then the game won't automatically update

    22. juni 2016