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  • Df14ee indian dude

    @moonwroker yeah i'm looking into that, it's a side effect of the blood spill effect pool being too dark, so i had to turn it up higher brightness, but that made the regular pool even redder. i'll try to find a fix on that soon

    9 dage siden
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @bstein2602 had to make em look a little more poolish since the last ones were a bit too high res.

    10. september 2019
  • Df14ee indian dude
    Pinned kommentar

    Working on 2k and 1k textures for those who have lower end pcs. Thank you all for supporting this mod for the last 3 years, it's been an honor creating this mod for all of you guys. I've worked really hard the last year to get this latest version as quality as possible, and I think it's paid off. I'll continue updating the mod, but it may get less and less overtime. Nevertheless thank you and enjoy the new update!

    9. september 2019
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @Janus_ Yeah it's an odd glitch with the liquidfx, as it makes the spills more red but the regular pools even redder which is stupido.

    8. september 2019
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @Apsens liquidfx helps with the blood pools looking red, and the ptfx files help make the texture of the blood pooling out skinnier instead of unrealistic like before.

    8. september 2019
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @Pizzahut yeah i'll be sure to make one cause there seems to be a crowd of people who like it and another who doesn't want it so ill just make 2 versions.

    21. august 2019
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @Jax765 i tried to make em more rdr2 like but it seems maybe i need to make it more balance oriented. I changed it in 1.5 cause i thought the stagger effect was a bit too repetitive, but i'll find ways to make it a lot cooler.

    19. august 2019
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @Ameba Still working out kinks, changing pistol reactions to be more like rdr2/mp3, falling reactions to have a bit more variety.

    9. august 2019
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @gdfGDS44 still trying to perfect 1.6, making a lot of strides to make it more smooth in reactions.

    7. august 2019
  • Df14ee indian dude

    @chapstick The installation is straight forward, you just use the OpenIV package installer, it's not complicated at all.

    22. juli 2019