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    does this work like an adaptive cc, like when im on a street, the speed limit is 35, but when i turn onto another and the speed limit is 55, will it automatically speed up to 55, and then slow back down when i get on to another street? ive been looking for that mod, you can turn it off and on, but you can just hold the W and itll do it

    1. september 2022
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    im not to sure on the installation, i just dont understand the last part, in the rpf, do you just add a folder or something

    21. august 2022
  • Default that the mod or is there more...i just watched the video...and it is nuts..but i like it

    16. april 2020
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    so where are these located in the eup menu in game? i checked the military police, nothing changed, checked through individual articles of clothing and badges, what am i missing?

    16. april 2020
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    can someone explain to me where i put these folders because i go to C:\Users\random\AppData\Local\FiveM\\mods and all i see is a rpf. called sculptor-reviver or whatever...its something along them lines, anyways i dont know what to do from here or even if im in the right folder or if i need something else??

    28. marts 2020