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    LOL this is still behind a paywall. I paid for it once before the tunners update... not worth it.

    9. maj 2022
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    I understand a modder's need to get a compensation for the time and effort put into all this work, but why not update this free version to be atleast compatible with the latest game version without any of the new wov2 updates?

    Sadly there wasn't a fix for this mod's version when I found out about this mod, so I decided to pay a month in patreon and access the latest version because I saw a lot of good comments about it... Well, 2 months later and I regret giving my money away. The mod is good and adds a few nice things but in my opinion, for me, this isn't much of a game changer.

    Hopefully someday the author of this mod uploads a trial version or a super lite version or an updated gameconfig so more people like me get to try the mod before deciding if they want to pay for the complete or updated mod.

    4. oktober 2021