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  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Awesome mod.
    Is Ten Cent theater the Cecil Hotel?

    7. oktober 2021
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Where's your sense of humor & how is it racist?

    Nice mod.. Here is real Aussie made muscle car (Holden HQ Monaro) maybe should consider turning this into a burnout monster.
    Fully bombed it sounds like Franken Strange

    16. august 2021
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Yeh i turned it on to make it easier while learning, i did notice after turning it off the name changed to user, it was then too late to edit my comment.. Thanks for the reply :)

    11. august 2021
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Finally had time to mess around with this awesome mod and learn the mechanics, now i want to start playing,. How do you change username? If i add username file or change the auto generated it always goes back to (default) NAUGHTY BOY.. I want to change it to something really boring.... my name lol

    10. august 2021
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Liking the mod so far..
    Found couple bugs, I have 8 seeds but can only use 3. The bag always shows on restart even after unticking the option. Using PS4 controller the right dpad dont work for interacting, need to press E.

    9. august 2021
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Tested 30mins didn't encounter any bugs.
    Be nice to have option to disable air vehicles and ability to enable/disable mod via key.

    3. august 2021
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Nice mod buddy,
    Blaine County Radio (BlueArk) can be hidden with the mod.
    To hide LSUR and WCTR the file that shows stations on the wheel, can that be edited?
    Would it be hud.ytd?

    25. juli 2021
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Good to see you back bud.. .Any chance for the remainder GTA Online Missions?

    30. maj 2021
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Workaround for people also using Single Player Garage Beta6, open any SPA II garage 1st then you wont fall when entering garage & also see SPA II markers inside. Tested on lsantos_customs garage.
    2 small suggestions: option to bypass the garage animations in vehicle and on foot, and make 6 car garages 10 car like before.. 6 cars makes the vehicles too cramped and its limited storage opportunity for those wanting to own houses..
    Otherwise its a awesome mod.

    3. marts 2021
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    toyota12345 listed changes to 0.7 above your post.

    11. juni 2020