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  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    @CruelMasterMC Very cool mod.. Casino prep mission was a bitch (easy to fail) Yeti is a bigger bitch lol
    Possible issues: After lockpicking @ Eclipse tower there's long delay before entering apartment then @ Grapeseed the 2md wave of guards either disappear or appear slowly (1 at time) after 15mins i gave up.

    Still hoping for update to Gooch Lab, phone working with other phone contacts so mod can stay permanently in game :)

    22. januar 2024
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    @nizami123 No you need to move the event into the area above <!-- Examples


    19. januar 2024
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Has anyone encountered Richard Majestic garage door not opening?
    Issue is isolated to this location, other garage doors open including ones i don't own.. All interiors also working.

    13. januar 2024
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    @CSYON weird plates didn't change using patch2023_01, adding the files to patch2023_02 worked for me.
    Even better its smaller dlc file.

    13. januar 2024
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Is it possible to get option to disable on screen updates its big and intrusive mid screen (eye level) or could it be much smaller at top or bottom of screen? otherwise nice mod

    22. december 2023
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Anyone not comfortable ;/ confident using OIV to manually remove mods,
    Backup your update.rpf file (mods folder) before installing OIV mod. Return your update.rpf to instantly remove the nod..

    2. oktober 2023
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    This mod has great protentional hopefully KelvinCinematicGaming develops it into a awesome mod.
    Have to say the releases make no sense.1.0 then 0.1 beta its going backwards

    30. september 2023
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Did the fps option get moved or removed?

    26. september 2023
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Why is the changelog always released a update behind?

    23. september 2023
  • 1acc45 aussie wally

    Can confirm big frame rate drop after 1.1 update.
    When HKH191 has time he will fix all issues (like always) no need getting antsy

    25. maj 2023