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  • 86061e djarn remake pansexual 2

    I can't thank you enough for this. I really hate the edge/vignette blur that exists in the game. It creates the illusion of running the game a resolution lower than native, as an example, it's like the game is running at 1600x900 when your resolution in the graphics options is set to 1920x1080.

    I've seen the removal of chromatic aberration documented previously, but never the vignette blur. I had a look through the timecycle files myself but never found it as I gave up since the timecycle is made up of lots of parameters.

    9. juli 2016
  • 86061e djarn remake pansexual 2

    The saving of cars works well, unfortunately the same cannot be said for aircraft. I have a Buzzard saved under Franklin, and every time I load up a game and see the mod start up, the saved Buzzard will always explode (I had last saved it on the roof of Franklin's house in Vinewood Hills). I can even hear the explosion from across San Andreas

    Still, this is a great mod, I find that it works better than the other persistence mods I've tried

    19. februar 2016
  • 86061e djarn remake pansexual 2

    @ZyDevs I'm positive, I thought maybe that was the case, so I just downloaded it again, and set up a fresh game environment with no other mods. It shows up as version 1.1 when I open the in-game menu.

    The mod is seems to be throwing an IndexOutOfRange (at CustomReticle.Me) exception, I have one reticle in the folder, the default "dank weed" one, and it's not visible in the list.

    It's strange since I haven't had this issue with downloading other updated mods on this site. I did a SHA-1 comparison on all 7 copies of the mod in my downloads folder. They all match with a hash of 779ddfc37455a482503b4d60c6d267b01c739272

    2. februar 2016
  • 86061e djarn remake pansexual 2

    @ZyDevs that's what leads me to the 1.1 file, downloaded it like six times, all lead to the same URL. Tried downloading from Firefox instead of Chrome, also same problem. I also tried installing with a fresh copy of the game, same problem. I feel defeated as far as troubleshooting goes, now...

    1. februar 2016
  • 86061e djarn remake pansexual 2

    It still downloads version 1.1 for me... tried clearing browser cache but still having issues :(

    25. januar 2016
  • 86061e djarn remake pansexual 2

    Excellent, keep up with the good work :D

    19. november 2015
  • 86061e djarn remake pansexual 2

    Crashes for me on startup (NullPointerException). I managed to get it to run from command line by unzipping the contents to a folder, and ran it from there.

    Here's the exception details:

    24. oktober 2015
  • 86061e djarn remake pansexual 2

    Great mod, I'm glad you brought back the draw distance option in the latest update. There is one small issue: not being able to select certain placed objects (you have to go through the "Current Entities" menu to select them).

    The autosaving feature is also nice.

    21. september 2015