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  • B4b350 me

    @2bumerang7 The best way to check if the mod is properly working is to go to Mission Row area near the police station and see if the G6 depot is placed there.

    1. august 2023
  • B4b350 me

    @F7YO Sorry for the very very very late reply. Back in 2017/2018 we thought the cause of the spawn issues were because of something related to the file size according to some trial and error attempts, there wasn't much knowledge to back that supposition. Also I wasn't even aware that the train.xml directory location changed recently or about the possibility of running multiple train.xmls (which sounds like good news).

    @ everybody As I am no longer actively modding GTA V besides assisting other modders with their own projects from time to time since 2020 I decided to discontinue this mod so I am unable provide support for it, sorry. I won't unpublish it at least for now as people still can manually extract and add or replace the liveries by themselves if they wish, just ignore all the outdated instructions and data files included.

    14. januar 2023
  • B4b350 me
  • B4b350 me

    @Phorpride Actually this Dilettante Gruppe Sechs you mentioned is from Realism Dispatch Enhanced, not from this pack. Maybe you have accidentally skipped a step from the installation instructions or mistyped something during the process as none of the files are being loaded or recognized by the game as they should.

    24. december 2022
  • B4b350 me

    @spreilly Any extra details about the crash? Did you try a different custom gameconfig?

    24. november 2022
  • B4b350 me

    @GoodStegosaurus These mods you listed don't include built-in scenarios as far as I know, so I don't think it is related.
    It's weird because every scenario was tested after being placed and they all spawned at least once. You are the first person to report this issue.

    16. november 2022
  • B4b350 me

    @GoodStegosaurus The best way to check if the scenarios are working the way they are supposed to be is to check the new G6 depot added in Mission Row near the police station. As it has a dense amount of spawn points in the area you are surely going to find anything spawning there.

    About the spawn probabilty, the game engine picks it randomly. We are only able to set a few flags to increase its variety, routes, time of the day it should appear and things like that.

    12. november 2022
  • B4b350 me

    @Nebula666 @GoodStegosaurus Check the locations from this list:
    These are the areas where you can find the vehicles and NPCs spawning ambiently. The scenarios don't spawn 100% of the time though as they follow certain rules like time of the day, engine limits and other spawn probabilities.

    @Bloodface1987 All you have to do is to follow the installation instructions from the readme. If you need any additional tips you can watch this tutorial:

    11. november 2022
  • B4b350 me

    @LSPDPursuit901 There is no ELS lighting because there is no ELS support and we do not plan to add it as it says on the disclaimer. About the black van issue, did you tamper with the files?

    28. oktober 2022
  • B4b350 me

    @killbolt Yes, you are able to store it in your garage but you can't bring it to a tuning shop.

    If you want to pick a specific color or livery manually you can use any trainer. The vehicle and its variants are also set to spawn parked in certain places around the map too.

    4. oktober 2022