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Watch Your Death is a project I'm working on that's an attempt to stop the death/wasted event from showing unless you want it to. It basically keeps the character from dying under any circumstances, so you can enjoy the show after your death.

For more footage of this mod and other games check out Faza_Fox on Twitch!

Bug Reporting or Requests:
If you have any bugs or requests, I'll be able to respond faster at:
E-Mail -
Discord - iamjfry#0097

Known Bugs:
- Random flash and wasted sound when "dying" from falling
- With the way the mod works the health bar is currently useless.

- .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher)
- Script Hook V
- ScriptHookVDotNet

Controls For Keyboard:
O - Kill character/show wasted screen after "dying"
L - Revive character in place
K - Kills player (If "Kill Key On? (True or False)" is set to true in .ini)

Controls For Controller:
RB/R1 - Kill character/show wasted screen after "dying"
LB/L1 - Revive character in place

- Copy "Watch Your Death.dll" to your "GTA V\Scripts\" folder
- Copy "WYD.ini" to your "GTA V\Scripts\" folder (If updating from an older version, check the changelog to see if any changes have been made to the config file. If not, then you don't need to do this step.)

- Added "Kill Key On? (True or False)" toggle to .ini
- Added "Kill Key" to .ini
- Added .ini file to change keyboard controls
- Added facial death animations (Works for most but not all peds)
- Added controller support for reviving and respawning
- Fixed a few bugs here and there
- Rewritten
- Numerous bug fixes related to vehicle deaths
- Changed the way the player revives in vehicles (Now the player can revive inside the vehicle they died in if it isn't destroyed)
- Removed ragdoll throw
- Currently missing controller support, .ini config and facial death animations (All will be added soon!)
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