The Purge 1.2.1



- Fixed option to only allow controls during purge not actually working
- Fixed ambient sounds not stopping after purge ends on death
- Added button to revert back to default player model (quick fix - will follow up for a more permanent solution)
- Peds now have 30 ammo for guns instead of 20 (to keep them in the fight longer because they either flee or dry fire empty guns awkwardly when they run out of ammo)
- Ambient sound now loops a shorter clip to reduce file size
- Added option to only allow controls during purge
- Added option to only give peds guns(no throwables/melee)
- Peds will still run away if they run out of ammo (only 20 ammo per gun)
- Fixed sound not playing from beginning after toggling purge back on
- Fixed unable to repair rear-engine vehicles
- Hostile peds are now removed when purge ends either on toggle or death
- Peds are now only given 2 random weapons (could be melee/throwable) at a time with limited ammo.
- Smaller audio file size
- Included backpack model created by Rarefacer
Added settings to allow:
- Purge ends on death
- Player model change
- Visible helmet toggle
- Blackout toggle

Pretty late in the scene but this is my first GTA 5 mod!

I recommend installing the following for an improved experience:
Vehicle Repair Station [LUA] - to fix any vehicle damage (although i had to modify my copy to fix engine damage as well)
Pickups - visible loadout on your back (you can also use my settings to have it work with the backpack like mine)
Loot - you will need this to recover some health during the purge. Loot animation looks cool too.
Longer Wasted Screen (Afterdeath) - i just think its cool to see peds still fighting after you died
Respawn Alternatives - this allows for a pubg-like experience where you can spawn in the air (i also added infinite parachutes to my mod so you can skydive just like pubg)
BulletCam (Sniper Elite/Max Payne) - no explanation needed, this mod makes the heavy sniper badass

An atmospheric horror script, participate in the Purge. Vehicles can break down but luckily you have a wrench to fix it. I highly recommend also installing Pickups and Loot mod to complete the experience. Also try mods that enable player ragdoll when shot and disable reticle to make it harder.

Z -- Start the Purge
X -- Toggle ready weapon when armed
B -- Toggle backpack (Replace backpack texture in OpenIV. Please follow installation.
E -- Open/close engine bay. Equip wrench(persistent with this mod) to fix engine if it stalls or catches on fire.
BACKSPACE -- Revert player model (Only outside of purge - Put "false" for model change option in .ini file if you wish to play as default characters)

Drop contents of scripts folder into your scripts folder.
Use OpenIV to install backpack texture made by Rarefacer. Replace prop_glasscutter_01.ydr in: mods / x64c.rpf / levels / gta5 / props / lev_des / v_minigame.rpf (Also try backpack texture from Joel (The Last Of Us) I think it suits the theme better.)
If you will be installing Pickups mod, please use my Pickups settings included in the zip file. It works better with the backpack.


Peds with melee weapon equipped will sometimes run (enable guns only if you think this is an issue. Peds will still flee if they run out of ammo.)
Please feel free to let me know of any other bugs and I will try my best to fix it.

Planned updates
- Add a "time alive" and "time before purge ends" timer - new to modding and coding C# so if anyone can help me out I'll be very grateful.
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