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Basically its gang mod, but it was made by me from scratch.
Important: to make gang brawl work as intended, in your gameconfig.xml find "CombatMeleeManager_Groups" and increase the PoolSize value to 30
Discord server:
NativeUI (for MOD VERSION 1.0 only):
SHVDN 3.6.0:
Installation: extract the archive into your "Scripts" folder.
To join a gang come to a corresponding letter marked on map (in screenshots).
-disputed territories;
-interaction menu (press B by default, configurable).
Disputed territories:
there are only two territories that can be captured by your or npc gangs - they have "skull with bones" blip. If your territory is being captured, you get a notification.
Settings in config:
-events_interval(milliseconds): time between events player can participate in
-ambient_territory_capture_interval(milliseconds): time between territory captures
-time_to_arrive_at_attacked_territory(milliseconds): time you have to arrive to the "battlefield" if your territory is being attacked
-ambient_driveby_interval(milliseconds): time between npc drivebys occur
-set_ui_gang_color: will your ui color depend on a gang you are in or not
-show_*something*: will this be displayed on map or not
-start_as_gang: automatically join a gang when the mod starts
-gang_relationship: relationship between gangs
Currently there is only one event player can participate in - drive by, more will be added.
This is my first ever script. Report issues you experience in comments or suggest things to add
- release
- code improvements
- now uses LemonUI instead of NativeU
- you can now play as your own character while still being a gang member
- code improvements
- added gang join blips
- menu banner pictures are back
- you have less ammo after joining a gang
- ui color corresponds your gang now
- blips can be turned on\off by ini
- code improvements
- you can automatically join a gang as soon as the script starts(config)
- fixed crashes when aiming
- code improvements
- relationships between gangs are now configurable
- 2 more disputed territories (4 in total)
- compatible with SHVDN 3.5.1
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