A Long Winter 0.4c [ALPHA]


The bombs fell, and the world was fire, time passed, and it turned to ice.
And then, they came back for more.

This mod turn GTA V world into a frozen wasteland filled with zombies.
It features right now:
-zombies (zoned, + or - zombies depending on the zone you are in)
-inventory system
-loot system
-grabby hands
-hunger, thirst
-procedural decoration (world enhancer wip)

planned features: -world enhancer: car wrecks on the road, NPCs, outposts
-more items
-fivem compatibility (I need testers)

The goal is to survive: You experience hunger and thirst:
You must find Containers, which when opened will give you a set of items, including food (tip: the metro stations are a good place to find loot)
You can then open your inventory (default key, F5, navigate with the numpad keys 2, 4, 6, 8 and select with 5), to use the items.
Items include: food, ammo, and weapons.
You drop all your items and weapons when you die, but you can get them back by finding the crate that is placed where you die.
Zombies have a nice hearing, but a bad vision, they also are much more sensible to headshots than bodyshots.
The grabby hands enable you to move crates and objects, use the X key (by default) to move an object, and grab it if it is light enough. You can lock the object you want to move by using CTRL-X. You can rotate the object using the numpad. You need a gun that can aim to use this feature (sorry, couldn't get it to work with the hands).
The tab key is used to change weapons.
mulZombie option in options.ini is the base multiplier for zombies, with a multiplier of 100, there will be as much as 300 zombies spawned at the same time.

-Copy the .asi and .ini files into your GTA V folder
-(COMPLETLY OPTIONAL, USE ONLY IF YOU PREFER MORE FALLING SNOW BUT ONE OR TWO GRAPHIC BUGS)use openIV to place the file in the update folder structure in the same position in the update/update.rpf package (in the timecycle folder).

You need scripthookV to use this.

Source: (submit pull requests and detailed bug reports here)

If you encounter the message 'missing Zone: (somename)', please post a comment with the zone name and a description of the surroundings.
If you encounter crashes or error, please report here.

Known issues:

-Lighting bug due to lights


0.1b: added 2 missing Zones to the zone list, 'fixed' weapons being a bit too hard to find.
0.1c: added option "mulZombie" and readme.txt
0.2: Added procedural generation of decorative car wrecks. This was really fun to code!
0.2b: added most of the base for outposts and stuffs, only thing left here is the npcs. Also made a github (which is a mess since I have no idea on how to handle with visual studio and windows). Added config options for the random car wreck density, as well as option for the future stuffs. Take a look at the new devMode possibilities (use insert, delete, and end keys when devMode is set to 1 in the config)
0.2c: removed bugs, created bugs, added crosshair to the sniper rifles
0.2d: added way to know amount of ammunition for a weapon, you can also drop ammo now. Added loot at Petrol station.
Keep the videos coming guys!
0.3: First base, vehicle light for blackout (stop using vehicles, they are not ready :/) DevMode key: suppr, Inser, End, PageUp, PageDown, ini files are love, edit them. See video. 'Fixed' invisible zombie bug
0.3b Added Random Respawn, made random cars more random, fixes.
0.3c: Car support! They do not spawn alone yet, but you can use them! They get destroyed if too many zombies try to attack you. Fuel is not yet implemented.
0.3d: fuel support added. You can put fuel in your car by using a petrol can and pressing E next to the car.
0.3d2: fixed car Ehancer bug
0.4: LARGE amount of bugfixes, vehicles now spawn.
0.4c: added player model selection (/!\ crash sometimes for no reasons)
There was a big bug that may cause you to loose your inventory!
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