GTA IV MMA Gloves for MP Male 1.0


Do you guys remember the amazing fightclub from GTA IV's dlc The Ballad of Gay Tony (TBOGT)? The one with all the badass peds with their intimidating outfits, voices, and melee combat styles! Well, there was one outfit that stood out to me, which was the MMA gloves that one of the fightclub peds used. He came in randomly during the fights much like the other peds, but this guy had some backstory to him with these gloves he wore! Was he training for this? Was he a champion MMA fighter trying to keep his title in the ring as Luis Lopez did his best to conquer his goal for the dlc storyline? Did he have a technique in the ring that would knock his opponents out with a swift blow? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, I wanted these gloves in GTA V and well now thats a thing!

This mod gives the MMA gloves from GTA IV's TBOGT dlc as an accessory for the MP male. You can find it listed as number 69 in the clothing list when using a trianer for the clothes. And no that was not intentionally set for the gloves to be listed as 69 lol.

------------------------------Known Issues/Bugs-----------------------------------------------------------------
None at the moment, but please let me know if you all find any as I haven't made model accessories for the MP male before and thus this is a first for me lol.


--------------------------------Recommended Mods-------------------------------------------------------------
A mod that goes great with this new clothing addition, is my melee combat mod which is located here on the 5-mods page!

----------------------------Installation Instructions---------------------------------------------------------------
Just open up your openiv, and follow this path to add the gloves in as a replacement for a cream undershirt accessory:

mods - update - x64 - dlcpacks - mpluxe - dlc.rpf - x64 - models - cdimages - mpluxe_male.rpf - mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_luxe_01

Vanilla files provided as a backup in the archive, if you ever want to uninstall this mod in the future!

I hope you enjoy this mod! Be sure to leave a comment in the comments section of this page to let me know what you think! Feel free to make videos (add them to the mod page) and use the assets from this mod for your own creations! Just don't copy and upload the same content as that's not what I mean. Time and effort went into adding this model into the game. So please use respectfully!

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Change Log:
- Version 1.0: initial release
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