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The menace from the streets of Liberty City is back and taking over south Los Santos! The hustler gang was known for its ruthless methods of drug trafficking and street crime, as well as increasing the mortality rate. They are now back in motion in the sunny side of Los Santos and are taking the streets by force and infiltrating many known locations. Will the police stop them in their rampage or will their already corrupted reputation lead to an alliance with these street hustlers? Only time will tell...


This gang addon includes 6 new models with all GTA 4 clothes variations/textures for the North Holland Hustlers! I am excited to share this long-awaited mod, as it's been fully updated to include correct body UV mapping for blood effects!

I've also fixed model vertices issues, added two new hustlers, and some custom edits for textures of my own! They also will spawn more frequent and natural in the Davis area along with parts of Strawberry! They are very tough to deal with now, so be sure to bring some fire power, ammunition, and even some brain power. If you intend on infiltrating their territory!

It also has 6 new full voice lines stripped from GTA 4!! This includes high-definition voices and proper y-clip editing for facial animations. (Fully rigged)

They have scenario points available for night and day spawning in the general population. You will also see them riding around with civilians during the daily grind, drug dealing in alleys, and even manning the street corners upholding their beliefs of being the toughest organized street criminals in Los Santos! Even decorated FIB agent Steve Haines wouldn't step foot in their territory.... if he was still alive of course!
(Location provided on this page above)

This mod edits these files: pedpersonality, popgroups, ambientpedmodelsets, and relationship.dat.

Please have common knowledge of editing meta files and installing them before downloading this mod. Otherwise, you will experience CRASHES if you aren't careful when making this compatible with other mods.

Feel free to use the assets from this mod to give clothes to mp characters or story peds if you like! I plan to make them later on down the road, but I am not sure when I will get around to it. Any model related thing I upload on this site you can use for your own creations. Just be sure to credit me when making your own stuff, because it was difficult to convert these models into GTA 5. A lot of trial, error, and time went into this lol

Other mod concerns:

Check if your mods conflict with mine and edit where you need to as I made it easy to follow in the manual install and discord is always available if you have questions! Link to that is under the "Helpful Links" section of this description.

Known Issues:

Sometimes the hustler 2 model doesn't spawn color matching which can look a bit odd at times, but it did do this in GTA IV so it's not that big a deal and doesn't hurt gameplay.

Addon Ped Helpers:

Packfile limit adjuster is used for addonpeds, if your experiencing crashes then please install this and heapadjuster:

A good gameconfig is always helpful as well when it comes to making the game run better. We use one made by F7YO and can be found here:

Installation instructions:

manual Installation:

mods - common.rpf - data
Replace the file in this path through openIV ^

mods - x64a.rpf - levels - gta5 - scenario
Add the scenario files from the archive into the path above ^

mods - x64 - audio - sfx - S_MINI_SER.rpf
Drag the files from the archive and drop them into this path above ^

mods - update - update.rpf - common - data - ai
Drag the file from the archive and drop it into this path above ^

mods - update - update.rpf - common - data
Edit and add the dlc line into this path above ^

mods - update - update.rpf - x64 - data - metadata
Add the file from the archive to the path above ^

mods - update - update.rpf - x64 - levels - gta5
Add the file from the archive to the path above ^

mods - update - update.rpf - x64 - levels - gta5 - scenario
Add the scenario files from the archive into the path above ^

OIV Install/uninstaller available.

How to Use:

In order to spawn or play as the hustler models in game, enter the model's name into "spawn ped by model name" via simple trainer.
(If you do not have this trainer, then just type the name in the designated area of your current trainer):


If you use simple trainer you can add the model's name to the ini file of trainer v and you then won't have to input the name every time in game!
Just list it under the addonpeds section!

If you decide to use MapBuilder/map editor for creating scenes with these characters, then be sure to add the names to the top of the "PedList.ini" in order to spawn him for your creations!

Just be sure to credit me if you make videos with them and don't forget to add the video to this mod page for people to watch!

Helpful Links:

Our Discord Community:

Patreon Link:

Subscribe to our YouTube channel!


- Updated the installation process to be compatible with the latest GTA V version.
- New package file for easier installation and no possibility of corrupting other files!

- Updated the models to have more accessories and correct body UV mapping for blood effects!
- Added two new models and plenty of props for each character!
- Added more spawn points for them and their territory works like the Ballas Grove Street turf!
- Night scenarios have been updated along with drug deals occurring for night and day!
- Fixed ymt ped issues so the models spawn with the correct clothes and won't appear without any.
- Added more custom textures and edited head models in 3ds max to make them more intimidating!

v1.0 - initial release
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