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TheBearli Graphics, is a Graphic Mod who is based on VisualV and working great with QuantV.
Readme and Installation can You find
More Pictures

Ver.2.0 New Starfield and Moon for the Night Sky and Retextured Headlights. And as Final i have Reworked some LED Lights (Interiorlight and Platelight)

Ver.2.2 Added Carcols.ymt, with Better Emergency lighting, Better Graphical Options. And OIV Installation. (Optional Mod inculded too as OIV)
► New Emergency Light Improvment:

Ver.2.3 Added Better Dirt Trail / No More Chromatic aberration & Lens distortion / Enhanced Fireflies (Uninstall for the Files of 2.2)

Ver.2.3.2 Added a Reshade! Yes a Reshade as Optional Mod. Improved the Timecycle_Mods and Pollen drops. Now the Pollen sticks to the Ground when they fall.

Ver.2.4 Added Bokeh to the Visualsettings, on near focus will be now Bokeh in the far. Reworked the Bokeh Texture. Added HBAO-Setting. ENB Reworked

Ver. ENB Fix

Ver.2.5 Added Timecycle to the Game, Added Optional Bokehs for the Game.
(More Bokeh comes with the Next Update) Reworked the Wheater System

Ver. Fixed the OIV Install and Uninstall Version and the Timecycle

Recommended Mods:
L.A. Vegetation 3.0
L.A. Billboards - Real LA MegaPack [Add-On]
L.A. Roads + L.A. Roads Patch [Add-On]

►Always Create Backup of The Original Files, befor installing Mods!◄
When You find Bugs, than give me to know and I will fix it ASAP!

Don't Reupload the Mod Anywhere! When the Mod will reuploaded it will immedeiantly taked down!
All Rights are Reserved by TheBearli/Kevin56436©
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