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1st of all this is just a fun/test mod i made because i wanted to test out how to change textures and stuff. I was messing around in the files and found the docktease textures which i thought was a good opportunity for a good pun/test mod.

This is a texture modification of the ingame "Docktease" website. I changed around the 1st letter in the name/logo of the website to create a pun, and then i changed the upper right website picture with something that suits the new name. (If anyone wants it, i can add pictures instead of the boats and/or combine more "(d)ockteasing" material with the boats to keep the pun going all over the ingame website)

Update 1:
All thumbnails/textures should now be included. It should now show the right logo wherever you see the site link (whether it is at the Eyefind frontpage, under the travel and transport tab or the sponsored links etc...)

How to install :
- Open OpenIV in edit mode
- Go to update folder -> update.rpf -> x64 -> patch -> data -> cdimages
- Open scaleform_web.rpf
- right click on www_docktease_com.ytd and replace it with my www_docktease_com.ytd file.
- right click on www_eyefind_info.ytd and replace it with my www_eyefind_info.ytd file.
- lastly go back to your gtaV directory and go to -> x64b.rpf -> data -> cdimages -> scaleform_generic.rpf
- and then right click and replace "thumbnail_docktease_com.ytd" with my "thumbnail_docktease_com.ytd"

Original files for backup are included in the download too.
You can find them in the "original files" folder.

Remember to start the game in offline mode so it won't redownload and overwrite the modded files. (thats atleast the way i do it).
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