Atlas / GTA 5 Style Map with Radar for Vice Cry and Vice City Overhaul 4.1 Standard


Vice Cry
Vice City Overhaul
My Original Remastered Atlas Map v4.0 or higher

To install this:
1. before installing this, you have to download and install my original remastered atlas map (4.0 or higher) following the readme file from that mod, then come back
2. now in this archive choose a folder (high, medium or low quality), then choose the map you need, vice cry, vice city overhaul or vice cry + liberty v remix 1.0 (vc+lc). then choose the same version (with or without street and area names) you choose for the original map and extract it as well
3. install “map with or without the name of the street and area.oiv” exactly as you did with the original mod
4. The End.
Note: This is the standard version, if you want my full maps (with street names, yachts and fast update), my unreleased maps, or video tutorials, these are exclusive on my patreon page

To uninstall this :’(
- to uninstall my maps, use the uninstaller from the original map
- if you want to uninstall only this map and to keep my original atlas map, install the original map again.

I spend a few days to get a high quality gta 5 style atlas map for vice city; you can choose if you want the version with the name of the street and area on map or not; you can have them only on the menu map or only on the radar; you can have the maps for Vice Cry and Liberty V Remix 1.0 in the same time.

Known Issues:
- Pause menu map can load slowely at times, because it loads the whole high resolution map, and it doesn’t have coverage like the original map.
- With max zoom, the quality isn’t awesome, but still ok.
- Some roads with a slightly bad position (not something big).
- If you see a really bad placed/non existing in game/missing thing, please tell me.

Changelog (for the original atlas map and all the extensions)
1.0 - initial release; fixed beta things (except a tunnel); working radar
1.1 - added option to add Dignity Party Yacht, Gunrunning Yacht and Aircraft Carrier on map if you want
2.0 (unreleased) - added Liberty V Remix map (separate package); extended the original map to support lc; added street name version for both maps
2.0.1 - added option for a less transparent radar
2.1 (unreleased) - added Vice Cry map (separate package)
2.1.1 - added the option to use vice city map and liberty city map in the same time
3.0 (unreleased) - added Las Venturas & San Fierro map (separate package); extended the map again to support lvsf and future maps; uplated all the mods with oiv installers
3.0.1 - added old gen map for North Yankton (looks about the same as atlas map)
3.1 - added Dubai Islands map (separate package); added uninstaller; graphics.ytd isn’t included in the oiv anymore; the versions with the name of the street & area, and yachts are now exclusive on my patreon page
4.0 (unreleased) - I extended the map again; remastered the colors for all the maps especially for the original map; deleted the area name for the version without street names; fixed the position for the tunnel between ls and tataviam mountains; fixed a lot of the things for all the maps (locations, positions, etc.); new and better water effects for all the extension maps; added 2 more maps Simpsons Hit & Run - Level 1 & Red Dead Desert (separate packages); vc map is now available for Vice City Overhaul too; lc map available for liberty remix 3.0 too; increased the quality for lc and dubai; added for fivem: atlas/satellite/S.A.R. maps for the original map and atlas maps for lc 1.0, lc 3.0, vc and vc+lc (separate packages); added complete street & location names for all the maps (big thanks to bowlingforsoups on GTA Forums who wrote all the street names for the original map, same for roset03 on DeviantArt who made them for vc and gta3 lc, also I made them for dubai); fixed the blurry radar so you no longer need to install radar zoom; the mod won’t decrease the fps but the pause menu map is loaded slowely so I added medium/low quality version if you want it to load faster or if you have other loading problems
4.1 - added atlas maps for north yankton and cayo perico (scripted minimap); added atlas map for cayo perico add-on (original location and moved); added atlas style interiors; added oiv to remove the interiors if you want to see only the map

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